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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sunflower Fields....... Forever

It was a long and grueling day! The sunflowers made it beautiful and pleasant as we initially descended 2400 feet...then after 32 miles we had to climb back up the 2400 feet we came down.....only this time in the full heat of the day. URGH! It was a difficult day for me. Lots of people had flats today and that was difficult for them.

After a break, I was talking to Sandy and supporting her and I was so focused on what i was saying to her that I forgot to pedal and boom...down I went. There I was horizontal in the middle of the highway ....and Ed is screaming "There's no cars coming get the camera!" Lesson...which is a lifelong one. Work at your own self -care ...and help others second!

I found out that Courtney then I did not feel too bad...LOL...I think my group does not curse...except for me! LOL...I only curse, just so you know, when I climb uphill.

At one point, Ed shouted out there's Road Mom up ahead! I said where? I looked and all I could see was Llama! I had to ask Ed again what he said...and he said "There's Llama up ahead!" Debbie doesn't even look like a llama! It was pretty funny!

My friend Lisa sent us up to Burger Boy on the way home and it was a fun place and the food was good. We got the Lisa discount...and sent her regards.... I spilled Yun's water and she told me she was going to drink it symbolically! I think by this time, we were just plain silly! Or at least I was! 5 hours on the bike is plenty!

I remember why I am doing fund blood cancer research...and on these hard days...I need to remember that...and more so.

See Photos below.

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