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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Who Knew I Would be Elated Getting Back into Spandex?

.....but, let me tell you I was elated... My first day back on the bike after the accident! It was a glorious day and I decided to at least get in some cardio and speed in the short 5.73 miles that I put in at the command of my therapists...well really......, the command was for 5...but I wanted to do 5.73 is still compliance! LOL.

Anyway, it is too soon to tell how the body has coped with this ride...I rode in the Open Space and I am certain the nicest people ride the open never fails that I meet the kindest people. I handed out my new flyer for my new ride in Lake Tahoe for the Leukemia Society and had lots of great conversations with cyclists and runners of all persuasions!

My bike is rolling around in the back of my new Kia I will have to do something about that. I have great trunk room in this car...and that is why I bought it. If you could have seen me doing 30 minute "drive bys" with my salesperson at Car Max...I could not stand up very well....but I could carry my tape measure...and the poor guy had to measure the trunk this way and that and fold the seats up and down for me...and I bought the car to fit the bike...and that probably became to joke at Car Max...."Here she comes again...she needs a car for her bike!

Anyway, it was a great ride and I am thankful that I am finally back in the out of doors riding on the beauty of the earth!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

To Do! The Clouds are Clearing

I am back into the "To Do" phase at last! I got the go ahead from my chiropractor and my physical therapist to try a 5 mile ride on Saturday! BUT , only 5 miles and if that goes well to do another 5 on Tuesday. Also was given the go ahead to get back to the gym and slowly begin to amp up my cardio...starting with 5 minutes on each of 3 different pieces of equipment...incl. my " beloved" stairmaster! LOL so, I am elated that I can get back to the business at hand..including getting back on my nutritional plan. I have been told that cycling is still going to aggravate my condition...and it will increase the swelling that I already have in the shoulder/rota tor cuff and neck, but they all think my body will be able to take the increased strain at this to give it a try. I am also continuing my rehab and doing ice massages, restorative yoga and a multitude of PT exercises to alleviate the pain and strengthen the damaged muscles...also the deep tissue massage for the whiplash! So, as my PT said...all this time I am spending at rehab will pay off in the long run. When she was having me do faux push ups today and I reminded her that It was not long ago that I was doing inverted push ups on a bosu...she looked at me and said "It will come back." that is my hope...for patience and rehab these injuries.