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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The DO NOT Phase 2

This is a photo of my totalled car that I took yesterday when I went to the graveyard to get the remains of my belongings out of my vehicle.I am glad to be rid of this car...but not the way it happened!
The bank is still holding the insurance check and my hands are still tied in order to purchase a new vehicle....but the car is still there and the bank loan is still there waiting for Thursday morning to arrive....let us hope!

I was told by my physical therapist this afternoon....with many apologies...that my neck and collar bone and whiplash are "acute" and she does not want me riding AT ALL for at least another 2 weeks! This was devastating to me. She profusely apologized and we have a long term friendship and training relationship and We both know each other sooo well...and she knows how hard this is on me...and I know that she would NEVER tell me this unless it was absolutely necessary! As she said, "now you are in the rehab mode...not the cardio mode or not the training mode...the rehab mode." So i have PT exercises, and restorative yoga and some specific weight bearing among other things to do. She is trying to get my muscles from spasming...and holding the spasm. She wants me to have ice massages. URGH!

Of course, I am panicking about the ride in Tucson on November 22nd....and she told me that it might be that I miss the ride...but she also said, I may be able to do it. She said something I blocked out about pushing now and in November and then having a poorly functioning body for the rest of my life...vs rehabbing it well and having a recovered body for the rest of my life! So we will just have to see....and I need to be obedient to her rehab.