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Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Sounds of Silence-North Diversion Channel

I was thrilled to get this shot! There is another cyclist in the shadow. You may be able to see him in the slideshow below when it changes color! This signifies why I love this ride on the North Diversion Channel! The light and dark is just spectacular! I found this ride through a coed group and we ended up riding it twice...which I need...with my directional problems...but today I ventured out planning to have a slow social ride and stop as I wanted to take scenic shots! See other pics below.

I also thought I would be a woman of leisure and stop at my favorite panaderia and get a latte and a sweet potato empanada...but alas... they were closed and I had to settle for a blueberry muffin that I made! A good 2nd choice!

What struck me so on this ride was the silence...and I immediately thought of this song. The ride is mostly up high over various parts of the city and it was surprising to me that it was soooo quiet! It was almost that pregnant silence....that holds so much.....when I listened, I could hear so much but it was muted over the silence.

It was a wonderful ride except for my coyote encounter, but I hoped that the 3 roadrunners I saw at the end of the ride cancelled him out!

The Sounds of Silence