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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Horse Power...67 the new 40!

At the end of a 75 mile bike ride today in the 98 degree heat of the day, these famous words were heard:

Friend #1."Well, what should we do now?  "

Friend #2:  "Oh!  I thought we might go bowling!" 

Cece could not believe her ears and burst out laughing! 

The woman who said she thought she might go bowling is 67 years old. She also has a horse on her under seat bag.  When Cece asked her about the  horse, she replied, "That's my horse power."  And so it was!

Cece was the support vehicle for a group of people who were riding with Team in Training and are training for the Honolulu century at the end of September.  As Cece took stock of the group of riders at a rest stop, she realized that she was the youngest at 53.  The median age of the other 5 riders was 64!  Cece decided right on the spot that the middle and late 60's is the new 40.  Lately she is surrounded by people in this age bracket and she is awed by their  fitness and superb health and stamina.  These are people who have worked hard to take care of their  minds, bodies and spirits and have chosen an active healthy life style in order to prolong their health and happiness. 

And so it was that on this day, Cece supported this group of 60+ year olds on a 75 mile cycling adventure that would take them almost to the bowels of hell and back...she says this not because they had any trouble at all...just that it was so blasted hot with no shade that it certainly felt like they must be approaching the heat of  hell itself!

Down the Bosque trail they went.  Then up up up Rio Bravo to the Snakes....7% grade climb anyone?
Then they cycled all the way down to Los Lunas  with a few loops and dalliances along the way.  Cows anyone  (In honor of Ellie's Bovineophobia!)
All along the way there were flat flats and more flats!   There was so much debris on the roads that the tires  really took a beating.  Clark got many flats, but his last flat ended him up with some good Karma.  A man and his wife saw that Clark had a flat and stopped to help him giving him a floor pump.   It turns out that this man's brother had leukemia and Clark, being an oncologist, had helped his brother and admitted him into the hospital.  A chance meeting?  Good Karma in action as Catherine said!

There was not a drop of shade to be had, but Ona took a breather on the cool grass in Los Lunas and a much deserved rest break!
And  Finally, we had to tell all the cows, that Ellie was not with us on the ride today! 

It was a difficult ride in the difficult heat , but all had a wonderful time and did a fantastic  job coping with the heat in their own ways and pulling off a tricky ride that was a great challenge!