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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Make My Day....Get your Booty Out....Happy Legs...Happy Women!

The Second Annual Santa Fe Triathlon has come and gone and Stephanie, Chalisa and I entered as the Wicked Wahhinis (That's Hawaiian for Women!) . At the end of the race, we checked the results boards and we had come in 2nd place! WOW! We were amazed! I biked, Steph ran and Chailsa swam! We were each very happy and feeling proud of our "leg" of the race and then felt proud of each other and of ourselves as a team! We knew that we did our best and pushed ourselves to do it! AND WE HAD FUN! Very important!
I told Stephanie that I will never forget how she powered up the final up hill to the transition area and the hand off to me. Chalisa and I kept looking for her and finally...we saw her approaching the uphill finish line.... All of a sudden we saw this tremendous kick that powered her up this hill and past 4-5 people ! She ROCKED! Jet ROCKED! up that hill! She handed off to me and I had to run what seemed like forever in my cycling shoes with my bike before I could mount the bike. Finally on the bike, I felt very confident and said "Finally I am in my realm!" off I went. She loves hills. she loves them not.....but I ended up loving the hills as I too powered through the ride standing up cycling every hill . I came in uphill to pass off to Chalisa! I had to change my shoes and get a drink and Steph and I quickly went to the pool to watch Chalisa swim.....but it took us a while to discover that she was almost finished with only 2 laps to go! We could not believe it...we motored to the finish line where we met her turning in her chip! WOW was she fast!
We emerged into the outdoor patio area which reminded me of Spring Break! Everyone was half clothed, wearing their sunglasses eating and drinking and there was wonderful loud music creating a festive party atmosphere. We said "These are our people!" and yes, we were all in spandex!
We are planning future triathlons and now we are all there is no stopping us!