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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day if the Dead...I mean Tread

Cece and friends signed up for  a bike ride called "The Day of the Tread."  This is a themed ride where many dress in costumes.  It is like a Halloween ride.  Cece rode with her friend Julia and did the 26 miler.  What fun they had! 
Then they met up with these two men and we rode together the entire way.    They held and watched our bikes at rest areas, and told us when there was no TP in the restrooms.  All around good guys.

All along the way there was live music and many rest stops that featured many tempting goodies like sopapillas, delicious coffee and cream......themed cupcakes and much much more.

On the ride, there was bacon and eggs....
Fred and Wilma
A hand Biker in a coffin....
And then there was Gerry Moore...who finished the 100 miles in 5:45 and was not even winded! 
And best of all, friends meeting up at the end of the day and comparing notes about how their rides went. What could be better?