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Sunday, May 3, 2009

68 miles to Placitas and Back

Given the week I had, I was pleased with my ride of 52 miles out of 68. I missed 4 days of work due to severe shoulder pain resulting from the adjustment of my shoulder the week before. I saw 4 different Drs and therapists for the shoulder. I took tooo much aleve. I had pain shooting down my shoulder and extreme weakness in my arm, grip and numbness in my hand.

By Saturday, I still had pain, but I was determined to give it the good ole girl scout try. I am glad that I did.

The climb into Placitas was hard, but it was very beautiful and I think we w ill venture back on the motorcycle to take a look at the beautiful New Mexican "estate homes" that are perched on the Mountainside! They look more like hotels. I always wonder who lives in homes like that?

Coming back through Algodones, the wind and rain kicked up and Debbie was my human shield on 2 wheels...blocking the wind to help me fight the bike with the shoulder pain that was getting the best of me at that point. Shortly thereafter, I got into the sag and was almost happy to have made it that far.

Coach Debbie and I talked about other options in Lake Tahoe. They have 30-50 and 75 miles options rather than the 100 miles. I may need to take one of them...but we will see how things progress on this end. Having options is good!

Thanks to my team who cheered me on and supported me through the day!