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Friday, December 4, 2009

Joe! How Can it Be 13.5 Degrees in Albuquerque?

BURR!!!!! Baby It's Cold Outside!

I need to use this forum to have a talk with Joe "Buenos Dias" as they call our local weatherman. Here goes:

Joe! Where is the "Buenos Dias" (nice day ) in this weather? How can it possibly be 13.5 degrees in Albuquerque with no sign of a warm up during the day? When I arrived at my office I was reminded, by an athlete friend, that the wind chill made it only 4 degrees! What a greeting! Thanks Jeanne! URGH!

Joe! How am I supposed to get on a bike in this freezing temperature? You are a cyclist and a Triathlete! Can't you conjure up some warmer weather for us? Pleeeeease?

Why the rant?

I woke up this am to frozen water pipes. It reminded me of when I lived in NY and I had to go into the basement with my hair dryer each morning to unfreeze the water pipes so I could take a shower .

Why the rant?

I guess I am going to become real good friends with Troy Jacobson,....although why I purchased "Have Mercy: the Sequel" I have no idea except that perhaps a fit of insanity struck me when I went to Spinervals online.

Why the rant?

OK. So. Here is the source of my complaining. I promised a friend at work that I would show her where the Bosque Trail entry is near our office. It is a short drive down Mountain...and voila! There we are! She is a roller blader. I will be on foot today as moral support for a friend who is nervous at being on the trail by herself... I will use my deadly but wonderful martial arts skills in case an attacker approaches! LOL!

I wonder what Nanook of the North looked like? I could carry a spear and think of it as an Okinawan that I stick with the martial arts focus! I am sure I will look like Nanook today during our walk. I will take pics! On the other hand, I think I will skip the pics! LOL

I am bringing all kinds of clothing...even socks...which I hate to wear and only wear when I am either on a bike or at the gym! I think this calls for the inaugural wearing of my new Fat Cyclist socks. Fight like Susan socks...this is appropriate!

Well, needless to say , my friend Melissa was not prepared for our walk. She thought it was too cold. I told her to "Bundle up girl...we're going!"...except she had nothing to bundle up in. So, I gave up my socks and gloves and hat and headband and, we went.

We work at a stressful job...and ultimately.....and yes I said ultimately....exercise takes the edge off the stress!

After all this, I hate to admit it...but it was a beautiful and pleasant day...VERY cold with no wind...Maybe Joe did put his 2 cents in after all "Buenos Dias!" AND I walked fast enough that I stayed warm...imagine that!