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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Virtual Boyfriend

Every woman should have at least one virtual boyfriend.  Cece has several and they really come in handy!    She has the men at her bike shop...and of course...she has Troy Jacobson!  And she called on Troy today to fill a void!

Cece has spent most of the week at the ER with her client. She had to hop out of bed at 7am and go to the ER and finally hours later, she dragged home.  She had intended to cycle, but it was raining...and thus went her week.  Lots of stress and little ability to exercise.

So finally, today,  she called upon her virtual man...Troy.  Before she could do so though,. she had to put in a different rear sprocket so her bike would fit on her trainer....and thus she began her suffer fest!
 It was oddly comforting to feel the sweat begin to drip drip drip down her face and puddle up her begin to feel her jersey get cool and wet and to hear the incessant clapping of her virtual man  shouting, "push, push push."

As a curse  escaped her lips,  she did not have to worry about insulting her virtual man...see...everyone should have a virtual boyfriend...or two!