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Saturday, September 4, 2010

GQ at TNT or was it the Chippendales?

OH MY! When Cece arrived this am with camera in hand, the men were all ready for their photo shoot! Some had told their co-workers about it and the women in the office requested a butt shot. Others were planning on showing some flesh.Cece is sure,. this is why her eyes are closed in this pic...she is just imagining the Chippendales TNT calendar that she could create as a fundraiser for TNT...and then she thought Aisha would probably kill her...but if we raised a lot of money for cancer might be worth it....hmmmmm she is still thinking about this since the men were so forthcoming. Someone told Cece she would also have to take pics of the men on the marathon and tri teams too! She can imagine the calendar now. Aisha! Have we ever considered this? The firemen do it!
They are all soooo shy! Can you tell? And now for the women in Damian's office.......
A woman who saw these told Cece, "They needed to turn a bit more" Oh Well, next time.
We all made it to the San Felipe Casino and back in one piece, riding 54 miles. We all had some fun in the process too! Susan was our SAG person (Support vehicle ) and she was fun and silly and Cece called her the Viking Princess because she kept blowing a long "viking" horn much like they used in the World Cup Soccer matches each time they arrived at a rest stop. Thanks Sue for rescuing Cece with cold water and ice on her way south on 313. That road was a hot wind tunnel and it was hard going on the way back. The fresh water surely helped our parched throats!

Speaking of Susan our Sag person....Cece is sure there will be a bootleg video on You Tube soon! Susan turned the music up and the dancing started! . She took video of Gina, Sue and Cece dancing at the Casino rest stop. What got into these wild women? No one will know. They learned that their cleats could really add rhythm to their dancing as they boogied on down....the men just looked on in they danced and ate their PBJ sandwiches at the same time!

After the ride, Yun and Cece settled in for a nice lunch of a cold lemony red lentil salad,and brown rice, shrimp, vegetables and Yun's spicy hot stuff. Of course, Yun asked her famous words, "Do you need help Chop Chop?" and Cece laughed. They talked about their upcoming blogs on hate that will be on the Whos ... they hope... next week... and set limits about the points they want to make and not make.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Icicle Sisters

Burrrr! It was cold this morning,. Sue and Cece agreed that it took at a minimum of 9-10 miles before they even got warm . Neither of them had enough clothes on! Every body part they owned was freezing! Cece did amazing things with her headband...things she never imagined she could do. Use your imagination! LOL. They agreed that they were the icicle sisters as they made their way through Corrales cursing at the incorrect temperature readings on Weather Underground! They needed fingered gloves, long pants, toe warmers and under the minimum. They had none of it. As they tried to cycle faster to get warm, Cece learned that Sue lives almost in Bernalillo and they decided that their next hill day they would climb "The Damn Road." Cece calls it that for several reasons...the pavement is rough and the hills are tough. This is the road out to the Jemez Dam.

Finally after about 10 miles, the sun rose and that was just about when they started climbing. No coyotes this morning...they were probably warm in their coyotes have dens? They were smart to stay out of the cold. They did see some rabbits and some quail.There are lots of beautiful homes in Corrales and once the sun came up a bit, a picture had to be taken.

Here is Sue all happy to greet the day. This is not from this am, but from the other day. This morning's pic had ice on it and the camera froze that early. She had on shorts and her husband's over sized high Viz windbreaker which completely swallowed her up it was so big!

The team is riding out to San Felipe's Hollywood Casino on Saturday ...about 55 miles round trip. It should be a fun flat ride. Sunday , Sue was invited to join the WRW club for a ride in Santa Fe. We could potentially ride about 110 miles this weekend, although Cece does not want to ride that much...maybe about 90. We will see.

OH! And Cece promised the men on the team that she would focus on them in the blog so people know there are actually men on this team. Stay tuned...GQ on bikes. LOL.

Here is Cece this morning playing Rudolph with a red frozen nose.Well, we better get prepared for the cold....the warm summer mornings are gone. Cece prompted Sue to get some legs and a light...and told her we might have to start riding a bit later...AND check another weather service for more accurate reporting of early morning temps.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

She Loves Hills, She Loves them Not!

It is getting darker in the mornings now...and colder. Wheels down at 6:30am is pressing our luck a bit...but we have our lights and it soon gets bright enough to put on our sun glasses...but Cece is getting ahead of herself.

Tuesday is hill climbing day. But, Cece had been off her bike for 6 days due to a sinus infection and fever. She behaved well and rested. Finally on Monday, she felt well enough to do some cardio and weights and take her yoga class. Tuesday approached and she wondered if she should ride. That would mean early in the East Foothills. Burr! She could feel the cold already,. She checked Weather Underground...59 degrees with 2mph winds. Not too bad at all. OK. It was a go.

She texted Barb...who she found out was the birthday girl and asked her to suggest a ride.Do you know what she said? She said, "How About the Good Morning Legs Ride?" I am up for that one again." Cece calls this ride "Hell in Disguise." Cece rolled her eyes through the texting..."Is she trying to kill me again?" Should she be doing this hard climb with her lungs? Well, she determined to give it a try ...and by the way... she told herself,,,she would wear her favorite anti-hill climbing jersey! "She loves hills, she loves them not."

Truth be told, Cece loves a challenge and now that she is fitter the hills are a lot more manageable! But it is still very hard. Well, today, Barb and Cece discovered that they had made a mistake on the route a few weeks ago and climbed more than what was on the today they followed the actual route and it was shorter and they escaped one hill that they had climbed previously. But they did not escape the worst hill!

Once again , Cece made it up to the dreaded Piedra Lisa Trail Head and it only took 2 curses this time. She was worried she would wake the neighbors who were still probably asleep at this hour, but then figured that if they lived on this hill, they must hear a lot of cursing from most who climb up it!

Once again, Cece's quick release popped open. She vowed right then and there that this was the last time she would ride with this skewer. What goes up, must come down and she did not want to risk an accident on the downhill. After the ride, she went right to her bike shop and had them install a different make skewer with a different quick release. Hopefully, this will be more safe.

Cece invited Barb for a ride in Santa Fe on Monday. OH! BTW, they are friends again after Barb told her that she had her cell phone in the ready last week to dial 911 in case the coyote bit Cece's legs! LOL. We will go with a few friends and our cycling club Women Riding Well as we journey into Galisteo and then perhaps on to Madrid. The hills should be alive!

Happy Birthday! Barb!