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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The 5 Karmic Rules of Cycling and its Reward

In Copenhagen, they have opened a cycling superhighway for bike commuters.  They have 26 other routes planned.  An article in the NYTimes details their planning and reasoning for doing so. 

But what tickled Cece was that they also have a  “karma campaign,”  in which city employees take to the streets with boxes of chocolate to reward cyclists who adhere to the five rules of cycling: be nice, signal, stay to the right, overtake carefully and, rather than let bicycle bells irritate you, do your best to appreciate them.

An interesting idea that would probably encourage more people to cycle to work! 

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Secret Language of the Shark!

As Cece and Ellie the Shark had a dessert and meal at the Flying Star yesterday,Ellie told Cece about a ride she thought she might like.When Cece asked how the ride was, Ellie replied,. "It's not too bad."  She would send her a google map and directions from the north and the south!  Very specific! 

Well, Cece should have recalled that the last rides she got from Ellie, which Cece called "The Leg Burner" and another "The ride from Hell" were also termed "Not too bad." 

It  took Cece until today to begin to understand the secret language of the Shark.  "Not too bad" means "there's lots of climbing but you will make it or almost make it."

So this am, Cece set out to find the route that Ellie had suggested.  Troy Jacobson had told her to take a rest day today because she did a grueling mashing workout called "Iron Girl" yesterday  that was a killer!

So, as Cece approached the trail head parking lot....she looked at the trail head   and thought, "Not too bad!"  It looked pretty flat.  She had looked on the google map and plotted it out on Map MY Ride, and it showed it was only 1/4 mile long!  No wonder Sharkie had told her she met a cyclist on this trail who did up to 14 hill repeats on this route!

Cece started off.  It only took seconds to understand that this was a false flat.  Up, up up she went... finally realizing that she would be climbing into the Petroglyphs .  She climbed for 4+ miles traversing lots of rollers and little steep spitter hills....and more and more  ups.

Finally, she saw one last hill....that would have to be saved for another day, she told herself...enough was enough!  She will ride this hill again over the weekend and perhaps she will repeat  it way 14 times!