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Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Cycle Eggspress! Breakfast on Wheels!

Breakfast is Cece’s favorite meal of the day,….and she loves eggs!  She considers them the ultimate in comfort food.  So, when she came across an article on Bill Wurtzel in the NY Times, she was thrilled to see his creative take on breakfasts!  Oh!  How much fun!
He has written a children’s book called , “Breakfast for Claire.” Claire is his daughter and he seems to get up and cook breakfast for Claire and his wife every weekend!  What a man!  Cece is lusting!
The goal of this book is to encourage children and adults to eat more healthy meals  and to decrease childhood obesity.  Check out his web site for more delicious breakfasts!  His site is not fully running yet, but you will be able to see several of his breakfast creations!

Meanwhile, Cece is still spending time with Troy Jacobson indoors on her trainer and dealing with the "hell"  of rehabbing her knee and shoulder.  She is getting though it,.....and the eggs help!