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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

% Grade 0f Climb

Today I am giving myself flowers. I have lost 10.2 pounds of the 20 I am working polka dot dress is in sight and more lean hill climbing is a probability in the near future!
I am working on hill climbing and as you can tell from the music, I would much rather fly over them than cycle over them...but the reality is that I must cycle over them.
So, every Saturday and then once more per week, I climb hills. I do not like it, but I do it. I think of my mom, I wear her necklace and I think... what I am going through panting and heaving is nothing compared to what she went through for 17 years with 4 different types of cancers. So, I am giving her flowers too. And so it goes. I start climbing and then I start crying thinking and grieving. This is how it goes.I bring my mom with me on every ride. The anniversary of her passing is coming up and I will be on my bike that very day riding 85 miles by then....and crying up the hills, knowing that perhaps one day a cure will be found for these horrible cancers.