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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Triathlon Mania...Don't Ever Joke About Flats

See this cute bike shop guy? This is Taylor Canady from High Desert Bike Shop...the best bike shop in New Mexico! See link on side of blog. He saved my butt on Friday night at 6pm when I just haphazardly felt my rear tire only to discover a rear flat! Never joke about flats. I did with Tom Mizner who arrived at High Desert shortly after me looking for tubes and liners. I did with my boyfriend as he had me change 5 tires in a row the other night to "Test me" to see if I could apply all my bike mechanic training to the real world! BUT...this flat I was not going to fix! I did not want to worry or have anxiety pre-triathlon if my tire would or would not hold. So, Taylor fixed my flat! He did not even charge me labor! I told him I would come back and get him if the tire did not hold and another partner in crime at High Desert told me he would not sleep all night! But instead, I came back to thank him...because in all that rain and slippery conditions, the tire held perfectly! Thanks Taylor! YOU ROCK!

The triathlon was a blast...AFTER it was over....otherwise the conditions were ugly and I am still drying out. I had to literally ring out my "cancer sucks socks" because they were sopping wet. I cannot remember being so wet...unless I consider back packing in the Appalachians as a Girl Scout and having to trench my tent due to a flood.... yes, that was the last time I was this wet! LOL. We had a wonderful time...see below...and yes...we are planning another...perhaps in the fall after my century!

Not Snow ....but Down Pouring Rain