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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

She Devil on the Rise...Stay Tuned

I have been offline for about a week now and so much has happened! I got a terrible virus while reading another's was not his fault...but my Norton Anti Virus did not catch it and alas, I was held hostage by the virus maker and each time I did not give my credit card to purchase the fix , it amped up the virus! I called up my internet provider Southwest Cyberport....who are still eggheads..I was informed today by them...and they told me to bring it in. They repaired my computer and updated all programs and installed new antiviri (is this the plural>) and did it all for Free. YES! I SAID FOR FREE! When do you get service like this any more? So if you want a great provider who you can look in the eye and where everyone knows your name...I hear a theme song playing.....then switch to SWCP!
In the meanwhile, without a computer, I got a lot of cleaning and cooking and reading done...met some new friends...AND also did some cycling!
My friend Diane and I ventured forth and went out to ride with Women Riding Well. They are a club of women cyclists. Their coach is a man and other men ride with them, but it is a women's club . I ended up riding 40 miles with them up some steep hills and was none the worse for wear. The shoulder held up just fine and I was out again riding shorter on Monday.
If you want to catch me on the 13th I will be at the top of the "horrible hill" on the triathlon route. in Rio Rancho.....being a She Devil. My friend Stephanie got me devil horns and a pitch fork, but she told me that she had to make me a she devil! So my horns and pitch fork are in sparkly red sequins. Stay tuned for pics.
I am looking for that perfect someone who wants to play angel to my devil and we can both stand on top of the horrible hill encouraging all the athletes to suck it up and pin their ears back up that hill!
PS> Some of you may remember that Santa Clause passed me cycling up this hill in last years Jingle Bell Triathlon...see archives for pics.....there are some things that we NEVER forget!