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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Where on this Earth is Willard?

We all thought he was a rat running around some where on the prairie...but it turns out that Willard is a VERY small town past Edgewood, through  Moriarty through Estancia...then you see the train tracks...and   there you are!

 Willard...2 miles! 

But Cece is getting way a head of herself.

When she got home from  her 80 mile ride today, she turned on her computer...and there was a message from Lance Armstrong!  AND it was a personal and formal  message that began, "Dear Cecile..."  He was thanking Cece for her work with the Fat Cyclist in their commitment for fight cancer.  Cece wishes that Lance would know that she just got off her bike and that while on her bike today, she was throwing up prayer into the Universe for her client who is in her dying process from leukemia.  She wishes he could have met the worker in the Giant gas station today in Estancia who got choked up telling Cece that his  father died last night from Leukemia (Robert Coburn)  and he told her the family was helped by the Leukemia Society and how grateful he was.  Cece is sure that Lance has heard the stories...and he himself has a story to tell...but when you are out there..people find you to talk to.

Lance's email went on to assert,"We won't quit and we won't retreat."

That is just how Cece's day on the bike went.  She would not quit and she would not retreat. When she can have supreme optimism like she did today,  all will be well.   80 miles is a long ride in the saddle though, and when Cece finally got off her bike, she was very happy! 

The day in Edgewood started out pretty brisk and chilly.  Head winds...of course, and moderate wind at about 15 mph at times....a very pleasant day!  Cece wore sleeves and then a long sleeve  jersey on top and was perfectly dressed for the initial 10 miles, then she started stripping.  She thinks she pretty much threw her jersey at Clyde when she stopped momentarily at the SAG to disrobe!    Soon the sleeves came off too and then the jersey unzipped and then her temp was perfect!

As they approached Estancia, Cece was riding with Keith.  He commented,"They have quite a night life here in Estancia.  Cece looked around at what she would term a one horse town,.  Cece said, "What?  A Strip club?"    Keith a bakery.  You can go in there and watch the buns rise."  Then Keith rode off because he gets nervous his comments will be repeated in the Blog!  LOL.

On and on they rode until finally, they saw that train a comin' and knew they were approaching Willard...the turn around point.  They kept looking and looking for the bar that they were told was the only landmark in Willard.  Finally, they spotted it.  They were so kind and gracious in t he cantina and let us all use the restrooms and all the workers were happy to be corralled by Cece for a picture.  The team did not have patience with her as she chatted and encouraged them to smile and pose.  She had to get then to come outside for the photo.  Cece felt that perhaps she might do better touring around...because she loves to stop and explore.  She was unable to stop at a farm stand that looked enticing.  Cece thought she could give her fresh veggies,  pumpkins and perhaps gourds to Clyde to  put them in the car...but as it was,,,the team rode off without her... she was still posing the Willard Cantina bartenders! 

It was a long day on the bike and the last  7-9 miles were all up hill in the heat of the day. Luckily they had plenty of water from 2 great support vehicles in Clyde and Shawn.  Thanks Guys!

So , next  week the team will ride another 75-80 miles probably with a lot more climbing .... and then the week after is a taper ride...riding out to the Range in Bernalillo for breakfast.  Then finally the Century is on October 24th!  

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