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Saturday, June 19, 2010

And....We are Off!

Today begins the first day of training for the new team! Each Saturday this blog will be updated with info about the rides with photos and funny stories.

I cannot believe I did not take one photograph this morning! It is very unlike me! So, I had to dig into the archives and get a pic that would do the person justice...even though it is several years old!

This is our coach Clyde! I was thinking that today we met lots of new friends who we will spend the next 4 months training with every week...some maybe a few times a week! Already , it is a happy group and we had many laughs and much hilarity.

Today we did a very short 17 mile ride to , as Clyde calls it , "The Bike Magnet" which is the gas station at the top of Corrales Road and 528. It just seems to draw cyclists in and not many are able to get past it without being magnetically drawn to it!

A good beginning with a few mishaps...but luckily nothing major!

Tomorrow I am off to Santa Fe to climb some hills and to practice running in cleats and to figure out JUST HOW FAR I have to run in them to mount my bike. I am going to count my steps and then train just that many steps. Yes, I am not a runner.

In Team in Training, we are all riding to fund cancer research so if you would care to donate, please click on the link on the right....and push the easy button! It is that easy to donate!