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Monday, February 21, 2011

Dream Vacation #2 : Cycling in the Yucatan!

Over the winter, Cece has been fortunate to have taken 2 different dream vacations.  You can read about the first vacation on The Two Whos and the second one will be detailed here!  She did all this without getting too hot or too cold. 

On a Friday night in February when it should have been freezing cold, but was not, Cece ventured forth to her cycling Club "Women Riding Well" to pick up her new club jersey!  No one will ever miss the club as they ride into the sunsets here in Albuquerque.  The colors are so bright and feature the Sandia (watermelon) Mountains in the background.....and if you ask Cece, the club riding uphill on Tramway from 313!  This is Cece's absolutely favorite ride (should be read with great sarcasm).....but none the less, perhaps the jersey will give her more good mojo for the 6+ mile climb!
But she digresses.  Hills always distract her!

She arrived at the Simpatico Studio to pick up her jersey and  was happy to see Margie and Pat all ready to give their slide presentation  about their cycling trip to the Yucatan.  Everyone settled in and the show began.  Pat enjoyed telling some funny stories about Margie and the entire audience was laughing and giggling.  They described their adventures during their 600+ mile- 12 days of riding.  They had guides who directed them as they rode  in 110 degree weather with their small group of cyclists.  They showed photos of fabrics and shops, Mayan ruins  and buildings that were very colorful.  The people and children were very friendly and welcoming.  The cycling was flat and hot but they had a wonderful time.

After Cece returned home, she was thinking about this trip.  She had never thought too much about the Yucatan.  But it looked like a great trip.

Later Cece went to sleep.  In her dreams, Cece took the same vacation that Margie and Pat took.  She was on her bicycle cycling on the flat land, meeting all the people, children, going into shops,. buying pretty dresses with ornate embroidery, buying a hammock, going into open markets that sold everything under the sun and swimming naked in the fresh water underground caves that were one of the highlights on Pat and Margie's  trip!   In her dream she climbed up the steep steps of the Mayan ruins!    Cece dreamed all night!

When she woke up after a full nights rest and a full night of dreaming about her trip to the Yucatan , she had to laugh!  She needed to take many other vacations like this!    They are inexpensive and she has many memories to lean back on....and she does not even have sore legs from cycling all those miles!

Cece's next dream vacation?  To South Africa.  Her niece is there for the semester studying on a semester abroad.  Cece has always wanted to go to South Africa so this particular Dream Vacation should be even more thrilling !  She is waiting for the slide show!