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Monday, December 28, 2009

I've Been Kinda Quiet.......

I've been kinda quiet.....although I am still cursing at Troy Jacobson and cycling indoors...preparing for my surgery on Jan 7th and working at staying healthy until then......

Something has gotten me real busy and that is.....that my friend Yun and I started a new blog that we turned into a web site and we have had many fun and funny moments doing so!

It is called The Two Whos and it has been very challenging to put the blog up!

Here is an entry to let you know about our challenges!

How The Two Whos Travelled Down the Slippery Slope that is SEO!

Once upon a time there were Two Whos. One was Mz technology PhD in physics and the other Mz educator artist. They are Yun and Cece. One day Yun emailed Cece and said "Cece! We need SEO" Cece emailed back, "What is SEO?" That should tell you how large is the great divide between their knowledge bases.

One day Yun said, "Cece...just open it up in power point" ...Cece said "What is power point?" Yun said "How do you function?" Cece said "I do not have to!"

Cece keeps thinking that she needs a HE WHO or a SHE WHO Geek that will help us. Yun thinks this is a challenge and Cece thinks it is hell!

One night, Cece had a dream. She was dreaming she was writing HTML code. She woke up at 3:30am and started to research on the Internet.... but the problem is that she did not understand all that code language so she sent it all to Yun.

Yun woke up the next day and was bombarded by SEO optimization instructions. She read it all and tried to digest it...and downloaded many plug ins...but then said ,"Cece! Now we have all this complex stuff, but how do we work it?

What is a "tag Cloud" a " post tag" a "slug?" What does a slug have to do with computer? It's a whole new language! In Chinese we call it this: ...if you talk to me in something I do not understand , we say they speak to us like a cow playing the guitar!...We can see the cow playing the guitar... and we laugh as we think of the Geek wondering "Who are you guys?"

In China we have another way to say we do not understand. We say it is like a sky book. It means we are clueless. We are laughing so hard. We need a HE Who Geek...or a SHE Who Geek! HELP! We are having SEO nightmares!

Now what are we going to call this post on SEO language...women building business, women's emotional strength....clueless...we'll figure this out eventually!

As Cece was leaving Yun's house, the physicist said "You know Cece, it will just be the two of us, We will probably not find a He Who or a She Who. Maybe our business will be to develop the code for the SEO! By the time we are both done researching, we will be experts!" The artist sarcastically said, "OH! How much fun!"