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Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Best Christmas Gift!

I saw the surgeon yesterday for my shoulder and he said that at this time, I do not need surgery, that he is not convinced that surgery will help! He said that the tendons are still very swollen in m y shoulder and he feels that is creating the impingement at this time. So, he gave me a shot of cortisone and told me he thinks this will help. I go back in 2 months. Meanwhile I can continue cycling and amp up my exercise again...continue with the PT, chiro, kiniseo taping and massage. YEAH! This is the best gift ever!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I was passed by Santa, going uphill,singing Jingle Bells

She looks nice!....but don't be fooled! There is nothing like being passed by Santa...esp.when you are going up a grueling hill and she is singing!

Anyway, my mission in life became to pass Santa on a flat or hill, but honestly, she left me in the dust...until the transition area...where she was exhausted and told me so and we did beat her in the long run....well Jeanne did!
We came in fourth place! We are thinking that we would like to do a triathlon each quarter! We had a wonderful race and are now planning our next race!!!! Go team! See more photos below!

Jingle Bell Triathlon

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Matthew's Bone Marrow Transplant a Success!

Please Click on the Caring Bridge site to the right to read the details about Matthew's transplant. As the ride approaches in Tucson, let us all channel the fighting energy of Matthew to ride to find a cure for Blood cancer!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Matthew Provencio..Bone Marrow Transplant

Matthew Provencio, a little boy I am cycling in honor of, is awaiting a bone marrow transplant on Wednesday, November 12th. Please pray for him and his family. He is a child with a disability and the hospital is learning how to handle a person with a trach.
Please click on the Caring Bridge link on the right to see a pic of Matthew and to see his fighting spirit which is evident in the photos. There is also a bio sketch of him there.
Thank you in advance for your prayer. I will update this blog when I hear something on Wednesday.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Good Dog and the Bad Dog

I went to the Jingle Bell Triathlon clinic on Saturday to learn about triathlons since I have never done one! I am going to do it as a team with a runner and a swimmer. The clinic was very informative and was given by a US Olympic Triathlon coach and I learned that the transitional area can make or break your triathlon!

Due to the fact that I have directional problems, I drove the bike route several times so that I could get the route in my mind before I cycled it. A friend helped me to discover how to map the route to determine the elevation change and it is 1807 feet. I was a bit scared of these hills and was unsure if , given my rehab, I would be able to make the climbs.

Then I started to worry about a lot of things. This is not my typical nature. I worried about the traffic and being alone and having to cross 4 lanes, I worried about the remoteness of the ride in the high desert...what if I fell and got hurt... was there even cell phone coverage...and on and on my mind went...for a worried ride of its own. My negative thinking kept going until it was time to leave my house....I was sick to my stomach and trying to decide it it might be best to do this another day......but all of a sudden I told myself///"STOP THIS> JUST DO IT>" Out of the door I went and off to the Rio Rancho Aquatic center I went.

I made it up every hill, I did not fall, yes it was remote and yes I had to cross a 4 lane highway to make a left turn onto Northern, but it all went very well and with complete safety! I suffered up one major hill but I am sooo stubborn. Over the entire ride my average mph was 14.2....good for me!

Here is a joke: There is a good dog and a bad dog. Which one is stronger? Whichever one you feed. Lesson learned!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Riding Trandem...."Do you Trust Me?"

Riding a tandem bike for the first time.....her name was Buttercup and she was a beautiful yellow Cannondalae.....more like the Yellow Submarine ....she was soooooo big! I went off with a muffled..or maybe it was not so muffled a scream... as I relinquished total control and...and was given the command....this is just like when we ride the have to lean with me....I am in not put your feet down when we stop! So off we went!

It was a bit of a challenge not to look and not to plan and not to steer...although I tried and continued to try all the above! LOL......

At one point, I was asked,,,"Do you trust me?" I kinda giggled....this from the man who I cycled 9 miles in the pitch dark with...blind bec. I had no glasses.......yes! I replied. I was told to relax and loosen up my body and grip. Later I heard that I did well going downhill at 33 + mph...and that if I had freaked out or panicked, we would have crashed because it would have been difficult to control 2 bodies and a heavy bike at that speed! URGH! Better to know this after the fact. Thank You!

So, my rehab continues and I am feeling better. I am up to 15 fast miles (fast for me) averaging 15.8 mph......I think this is a perfect opportunity to work on my techinque and my skills......circular pedalling..... other things.....and in the meantime, I have decided to participate in the Jingle Bell Triathlon on Dec. 7th with a team. I have a runner who is just getting back to running (she was going to run a marathon for the LLS) and a swimmer who is rehabbing foot we are all getting back into business with our sports...and it will be like an act of willingness race for the 3 of us. We just want to start and finish..although I will try to be fast since it is a sprint and it is only 15 miles......Debbie...are you sitting down? LOL>....

I am learning a little bit about bike mechanics and it is overwhelming. I took off a cassette and put it back on and learned about wheels and spokes and how the weight of them can make you ride faster or to use a tool...I forgot it's name.....with a chain attached and a heavy wrench. I need lots more practice! Again and again with changing a tire.....One day I am sure I will feel like I know what I am doing...I have a lot to learn!

November in The Bosque

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Getting My Mojo back

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Burning Bush

It is so amazing to me how the earth changes over the seasons and I love to watch and glory in those changes! I was on a mission this afternoon to ride 10 miles at a quick pace (for me) and it was sooo windy and then I saw such beauty that I had to stop and photograph it. I am happy that I allow myself to "stop and smell the roses" and just do not have my mission in my mind totally...because so much of cycling is sensual....the seeing, smelling, tasting (yes those pesky bugs!) feeling the heat from the sun or the cold or in my recent case...every bump in the road through my shoulders LOL....and hearing the wind rustle the leaves or hearing the geese honk...or the water running rapidly........I have missed this the last month...I have missed the sun on my body nourishing me....and I have missed pushing my body on my bike...I have missed that exhilaration....the breathlessness of it all...the challenges.......but I am getting my mojo back and enjoying every minute of it! This is day 2 back on the bike. If everything remains equal with my rehab, I hope to ride again on Thursday!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Who Knew I Would be Elated Getting Back into Spandex?

.....but, let me tell you I was elated... My first day back on the bike after the accident! It was a glorious day and I decided to at least get in some cardio and speed in the short 5.73 miles that I put in at the command of my therapists...well really......, the command was for 5...but I wanted to do 5.73 is still compliance! LOL.

Anyway, it is too soon to tell how the body has coped with this ride...I rode in the Open Space and I am certain the nicest people ride the open never fails that I meet the kindest people. I handed out my new flyer for my new ride in Lake Tahoe for the Leukemia Society and had lots of great conversations with cyclists and runners of all persuasions!

My bike is rolling around in the back of my new Kia I will have to do something about that. I have great trunk room in this car...and that is why I bought it. If you could have seen me doing 30 minute "drive bys" with my salesperson at Car Max...I could not stand up very well....but I could carry my tape measure...and the poor guy had to measure the trunk this way and that and fold the seats up and down for me...and I bought the car to fit the bike...and that probably became to joke at Car Max...."Here she comes again...she needs a car for her bike!

Anyway, it was a great ride and I am thankful that I am finally back in the out of doors riding on the beauty of the earth!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

To Do! The Clouds are Clearing

I am back into the "To Do" phase at last! I got the go ahead from my chiropractor and my physical therapist to try a 5 mile ride on Saturday! BUT , only 5 miles and if that goes well to do another 5 on Tuesday. Also was given the go ahead to get back to the gym and slowly begin to amp up my cardio...starting with 5 minutes on each of 3 different pieces of equipment...incl. my " beloved" stairmaster! LOL so, I am elated that I can get back to the business at hand..including getting back on my nutritional plan. I have been told that cycling is still going to aggravate my condition...and it will increase the swelling that I already have in the shoulder/rota tor cuff and neck, but they all think my body will be able to take the increased strain at this to give it a try. I am also continuing my rehab and doing ice massages, restorative yoga and a multitude of PT exercises to alleviate the pain and strengthen the damaged muscles...also the deep tissue massage for the whiplash! So, as my PT said...all this time I am spending at rehab will pay off in the long run. When she was having me do faux push ups today and I reminded her that It was not long ago that I was doing inverted push ups on a bosu...she looked at me and said "It will come back." that is my hope...for patience and rehab these injuries.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Bitter Pill to Swallow

I had to make a decision yesterday..............whether
to ride in Tucson or not to....and I decided not to. I made this decision with the input of my physical therapist, my coach Debbie and Kirsten, and friends and my dad who spoke to me of the pros and cons of a decision either way.

Given the nature of my injuries from the hit and run accident, at this moment it is difficult to contemplate being ready to ride 109 miles in about one month after not riding at all for a month now...I am stubborn as all of you know...and I could PUSH and do it...but it would have been extremely stressful rather than fun and challenging...and to what end? I do not HAVE TO ride Tucson. I can ride something else. All the money raised thus far will get rolled over into my new ride...which will be the Lake Tahoe Century in early June 2009....AND PS...I will have to raise about $600 more dollars for LLS so any donations you care to give me will be greatly appreciated!

I will have plenty of time now to rehab my whiplash and get my body stable on the bike again and I will then be able to train over the winter and then begin with a new team in February....I will become a mentor for Team in Training and will continue with my riding and now supporting those newbies coming in.

So, there is a lot to look forward to and I will adjust my goal setting and be off and running!

I am still in the virtual do nothing phase although I can now do 5 minutes on the elliptical at the gym IF I keep my heart rate under I was told...this is not is not is oxygenating the blood! And so it goes.

I am trying to have good behavior and am going to make a count down chart to Oct 18th...when hopefully I will get the OK to get back on my bike for a SHORT ride...says my PT/trainer..."short mean 5 miles....not 25 cece!" You do not argue with Char....if you do, you will loose and you will waste time.....because she always wins!

Sunday, October 5, 2008


New Car at Last

After lots of research and visits to car lots, I have finally purchased my new vehicle! It is a Kia Sportage and will easily fit my bike and perhaps a friend's bike in the trunk cargo space! I am very happy and relieved to get out of that lengthy rental and finally have my new wheels!

Now I have to focus and concentrate on my rehab. I am not allowed to cycle , as per my PT, untill Oct 18th at the earliest and am on R &R doing rehab PT exercises until then. Those of you that really know me, know that this is torture for me...but I think it will pay off in the long run.

At this point, I still have Tucson in my sights , but am also going to be flexible with myself in case I have to change plans due to body issues. We will see how the body rehabs from this accident!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The DO NOT Phase 2

This is a photo of my totalled car that I took yesterday when I went to the graveyard to get the remains of my belongings out of my vehicle.I am glad to be rid of this car...but not the way it happened!
The bank is still holding the insurance check and my hands are still tied in order to purchase a new vehicle....but the car is still there and the bank loan is still there waiting for Thursday morning to arrive....let us hope!

I was told by my physical therapist this afternoon....with many apologies...that my neck and collar bone and whiplash are "acute" and she does not want me riding AT ALL for at least another 2 weeks! This was devastating to me. She profusely apologized and we have a long term friendship and training relationship and We both know each other sooo well...and she knows how hard this is on me...and I know that she would NEVER tell me this unless it was absolutely necessary! As she said, "now you are in the rehab mode...not the cardio mode or not the training mode...the rehab mode." So i have PT exercises, and restorative yoga and some specific weight bearing among other things to do. She is trying to get my muscles from spasming...and holding the spasm. She wants me to have ice massages. URGH!

Of course, I am panicking about the ride in Tucson on November 22nd....and she told me that it might be that I miss the ride...but she also said, I may be able to do it. She said something I blocked out about pushing now and in November and then having a poorly functioning body for the rest of my life...vs rehabbing it well and having a recovered body for the rest of my life! So we will just have to see....and I need to be obedient to her rehab.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rehab Super Woman Team

It is just amazing what the body does in relation to stress! After the accident, I seemed almost "fine" for 2
days....evidently my body just tightened and held on for dear life as a result of the trauma. Then when it started to release and let go, all hell broke loose in the body as a result...and the trauma became apparent. After much therapy and rehab in the last few days, today, I can finally lift my head off the floor and the neck and whiplash damage seems like it is finally improving.
I was told yesterday that because I had been lifting and have a strong upper body, that made all the difference in how this accident effected my body. So, I am very grateful that I was lifting and was strong because it could have been so much worse.
But, I still feel like Superwoman near kryptonite! I am so weak that I cannot imagine that I could do inverted push ups on a bosu ball just last week! LOL! But I will get back to that eventually and w ill get back on the bike...that is what is really driving me is only a week I am trying to have patience!
I want to publicly thank my rehab support team....and it once again proves that it takes a team to do anything...and that living a life of isolation and self-reliance is not ever productive. These are great women who are specialists in their fields and are ethical, caring , and compassionate people who are more concerned for the healing of the body than anything...and work to achieve that with you. AND they kick butt if needed...believe me!
Dr. Helen D'Esposito: Chiropractor /Holistic Health Care ph: 888-4847
Charoltte Spencer: Physical Therapist: ph: 480-5729
Stephanie Tiger: Neuromuscular Deep Tissue Swedish Massage: ph: 681-9606

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Do Not Phase

:( I am in the Do Not Phase...which I DO NOT like .....and have a hard time with. I found out today that to quote my doc , "You are a mess!" I have 3 ribs out across my shoulders, more out in my neck and my skull was not standing on my spine correctly, bones out in the arch of my foot.....lots of other stuff. She told me to do the math...60 mph impact...big SUV ...little Ford Focus......I am on forced rest, ice and work, no cycling no exercise. No Nothing! If I can have good behavior...LOL....I might get the restrictions lifted so I can get on my bike by Saturday for a VERY short ride...we will see.

Meanwhile, I brought my tape measure to Car Max and measured trunk interiors to see if my bike would fit in the car I am needing to purchase... I think the salesman had a good laugh. OH> and.....PS....just for a laugh...when my insurance man asked me what kind of bike I was riding and I told him he said "Niiiiiice ....biiiiiike...." and I just laughed once again.....thinking...yep...he wants the bike....not the woman...maybe he is older than God too!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Do.... or Do Not...There is No Try

As many of you know, I was in a bad car accident on Thursday night...rear ended by a hit and run driver going about 60 mph. When my insurance agent called me from my wrecked vehicle the next day, he said "I am surprised you were able to walk away from this." So my car is totalled, and I have whiplash and am having trouble holding my head up, muscle tears, but am none the worse for wear.
I continue to say "Thank you God" for all the blessings on either side of this accident and know that things are never all bad if you take the moment to look and see the giftedness that is embedded in the horror! 2 of the many wonderful things that happened is that one of my close friend's husbands..who is a cop...was the first one on the scene...the next day he loaned me his personal vehicle to use until I get new wheels. Also, I felt such an outpouring of caring from so many people. Thank you!
I am going to see if I can do a short ride on Sunday..short meaning 5-10 miles or so...just to get time in the saddle and get more info as to what I can and cannot do. I hope that I will be back on the bike this week and riding 60-70 miles next week! I will keep you posted.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cycling or Motorcycling?

Do you see the smile on this woman's face...OH
wait a minute...
that is me!
This is my first motorcycle ride...and I know why I loved it....very similar to cycling only faster and not so hard uphill!
I did not even need Hair4Helmets as my pony was flying behind me! LOL! Took an adventurous first ride into the Jemez.
The way I feel cycling out in nature was duplicated riding on a are closer to the earth and can experience it in a very sensual way vs. all closed up and contained in a car.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Name this Photo Contest

Well, what exactly do you do when someone presents their buttocks ( as we say in yoga) to you to photograph it? You take a shot! So, I am officially opening up a photo naming contest to name this pic! Just so you know...and it alleviates any questions, this is Ed's butt! You can see the rest of him in other pics on my blog. So , please email me and we can get the contest rolling!

It was a wild and crazy week for me as I met a new friend and we got caught cycling in the bosque and had to ride 9 miles in the pitch I had to deal with a lot of fear and surrender and trust a new friend...and as he said "We are team building!" I think I am going to compare everything scary to that experience !

The ride this weekend was great. I was able to pump it up and down some of the rollers in Algodones and lead a fast pace line and I felt really good on the bike and really strong. Spent some time riding with Gina and getting to know her happy spirit. She brings so much joy with her! AND THEN, I was told LeeAnne has 4 kids..well, that was from funny Christine who was having a lengthy conversation with Gina who was behind her...and Christine thought she was talking to LeeAnne! By the time I got into the conversation and asked LeeAnne about her crazyness at having 4 kids...LeeAnne was in shock...and of course it is not true because LeeAnne is only 17...oh I mean 32 either...and she does not have it was cute and funny in the San Felipe Casino..figuring out LeeAnne's family history!

It felt like we had some good team building going on and lots of support from each other and it was truly a fun and supportive ride. Spent some time talking with Tabitha and finding out we have a lot in common! That was fun!

I was saddened to hear that Courtney had a serious fall and that she seperated her shoulder. This young woman has a strong spirit and I hope and pray that she will be able to heal quickly so she can ride her century in Hawaii on this Sunday! Courtney YOU ROCK GIRL!

AND THEN ...FINALLY, I met a man who wanted me...not my bike! Our romance started (add in the happy music in your mind ) when he was hobbling across the parking lot at the gas station in must have been love at first sight...because when he saw me in the gas station...he wanted me....and the men I was with TOM>>>NICK>>>> shouted.... "Go ahead and Take her!" I think he was older than God!

Shadowland to San Felipe Pueblo

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hair For Helmets?

Dan sent me the link for the Hair 4 Helmets web site! (See below right for link!) The hair extensions are really designed for biker chicks...but isn't that what we are? The pig tails and pony tails attach to your helmet with suction cups (are you laughing yet?) and attach at the back so that when you are moving, they fly behind you. My exact imagery! I think I will get a pair for Road Mom...our head coach Debbie. I think she will love them! Do you think she'd want to stay blonde or do you think brunettes have more f un?

Saturday, September 6, 2008

NOW She Tells Me

After this hill-acious ride, Gina looked at me and said,"This is where they bring the professionals to ride when they come into town." I asked, "You mean the ride we just finished?" "YES!," she replied. It was a VERY good thing I did not know this before hand...there are just some things that are best left unsaid!

You will notice there are no pics of the landscape...that is because whether going up or down I could not afford to even take one hand off the handle bars to take a photo...I know Heather will be happy! I had to focus! So please just imagine...canyons, cliffs, pine forests,,,,men cutting timber, big hills and me going down shouting "WHEEE" as my pig tails flew in the wind...or at least Dan and I thought about pig tails! He mentioned a web site......

Nick the chocolate chip cookie fiend kept asking me how I was doing as I was climbing up, up and away. I innocently told him, it does not seem like up...except that I am going so slow I know it is up. Well, when I came down, it was hard to believe I went all the way up..unbelievable! I was asked how I made it...I told them I was channeling Lance Armstrong...and envisioning him at the top and me freshening my lipstick to greet him! LOL. A girl can have a fantasy can't she?

Up, Up and Away (roll over pics for captions)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Recommittment...I Need to Write you a Love Song

Many mornings I had passed this very spot thinking , "Oh the light is so beautiful at this time in the morning! I need to photograph it." I do not think the pic carries the light and beauty of all these lines like it does in real life. All the beams and lines are supported by these beams much like our lives are supported by all the people that support the foundations in our lives....

It is time for me to recommit to Team in Training. That means that I must formally commit to doing the ride that I have been training for during the past 3+ months. I could not wait to do so! I am riding in honor of 8 individuals who have battled cancer or are battling cancer.

Will you recommit with me and make a donation if you are able? Just like in the photo, we need to shed light into the dark places...these dark places ... that are cancer. So many of us have been touched by this awful disease. We need to fund the work for a cure. All along I have said little by little the money will come in and it has, and I thank you... and funding cancer research is an awesome task and it takes all the beams and supports to found a program that looks comprehensively at this problem called blood cancer. Please make a contribution if you are able.
Love, Cece

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sunflower Fields....... Forever

It was a long and grueling day! The sunflowers made it beautiful and pleasant as we initially descended 2400 feet...then after 32 miles we had to climb back up the 2400 feet we came down.....only this time in the full heat of the day. URGH! It was a difficult day for me. Lots of people had flats today and that was difficult for them.

After a break, I was talking to Sandy and supporting her and I was so focused on what i was saying to her that I forgot to pedal and boom...down I went. There I was horizontal in the middle of the highway ....and Ed is screaming "There's no cars coming get the camera!" Lesson...which is a lifelong one. Work at your own self -care ...and help others second!

I found out that Courtney then I did not feel too bad...LOL...I think my group does not curse...except for me! LOL...I only curse, just so you know, when I climb uphill.

At one point, Ed shouted out there's Road Mom up ahead! I said where? I looked and all I could see was Llama! I had to ask Ed again what he said...and he said "There's Llama up ahead!" Debbie doesn't even look like a llama! It was pretty funny!

My friend Lisa sent us up to Burger Boy on the way home and it was a fun place and the food was good. We got the Lisa discount...and sent her regards.... I spilled Yun's water and she told me she was going to drink it symbolically! I think by this time, we were just plain silly! Or at least I was! 5 hours on the bike is plenty!

I remember why I am doing fund blood cancer research...and on these hard days...I need to remember that...and more so.

See Photos below.

65 Miles in the East Mountains OR The Roadside Mechanics Stand

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Kudos to Debbie our Cycling Coach!

I have watched this woman week after week and each week she continue to amaze me! WHY? Because she is a great coach! She watches everything and everyone one. She knows each rider and how they are doing...if they are riding well...or if they are struggling that day....and she supports them in an individual way...seeming to know what will work the best for them!
Debbie! YOU ROCK!

The Road Side Orange Stand

Thursday, August 21, 2008

***Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle***This morning I was interviewed by Kyle Battis the site manager for Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle Inner Circle ...a body building group I belong to. Although I hardly have the body of a bodybuilder , the precepts of this sensible program have helped me continue weight loss and build muscle and tone the body. Check out their site which is listed at the right.The focus of the interview , which will come out in audio and in transcript form, was looking at your belief system when it comes to weight loss, how to stay motivated and how to develop a purpose...a higher purpose that will motivate you. Tom Venuto , the owner, is a huge supporter of Team in Training and has already donated quite a lot of money to the effort to fight blood cancer through my site. His hope ,through this interview , is to gain more support for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society from his thousands of clients world wide and to inspire others who are overweight to make a beginning on a healthier path toward fitness. If you watch his site , you will be able to see when the interview comes out. Thank you Tom! Thanks Kyle!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

60 miles!

Speed is not the Issue..Repeat after Me!

Having Fun is the issue! I met a friend at the gym last week who is an endurance athlete. He asked for an update on my training. We discussed riding 109 miles and how to get from point A to point B. Six times, and believe me..he counted...he told me " Speed is not the issue ." and told me to repeat this back to a mantra. He told me that he rides a century at 15 mph but he is a seasoned endurance athlete. Needless to say, he told me, your avgs. will be slower than that! He told me , "Having fun is the issue. You are not a racer and this is a fundraiser. Go out and have fun! That is what is important!" Otherwise, he told me..."You are going to work yourself into having and issue!" We do not want that! LOL.

KABOOM! Luckily, I have Hips!

There is just nothing like the feeling of being totally helpless and imprisoned in your cleats! I fell right over...BOOM! It was like slow motion...I saw and felt it happening, but could do nothing about it but try to break my fall with my feet were stuck in my cleats! The next thing I knew my feet and my bike and me were parallel to the road. Friends came and wrestled my feet out of my cleats and got me up from that precarious position.... LOL. And thank you to my friends for helping me! I have a few bruises as a result, but nothing dramatic! I wish someone had taken a pic! This happened about 15 miles into the ride.

By far, this was my best because I felt so good and sooo strong. When I got off the bike I said, "I feel like I can ride 20 more miles!" In the past I have said "54 miles is plenty" ...or whatever the mileage was....but yesterday, I was able to push and go faster the last 15 miles or so...maybe it was the raisins! LOL. I felt strong and that is such a good feeling!

My friend Yun was back from her vacation today and I was able to enjoy a very social day on the bike and have wonderful companionship and see the beauty of the earth! What could be better? Well, I can think of one thing LOL! Today, though, was a fantastic day! strong>