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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Keep on Truckin' Mama

Another Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood! You cannot tell from the pic but this was pea soup- like fog that I drove through as I approached our start destination for Saturday's 60 miles training ride. I had so hoped for nice weather, since we have had virtually none on Saturdays since Feb. 7th...but alas it was not meant to be.

We started into the canyon and were met by cold temps and the beginnings of ferocious winds. We rode up Sedillo Hill and were met with more gusting winds. We rode to Edgewood and turned left to go to Frost Road...NORTH? NORTH WEST? Wasn't that the direction of the heavy wind that was predicted. People do not remember that they check ALBUQUERQUE weather and that the weather is not the same in the East Mountains? We could barely fight the wind. But we really had no choice...except to get into the was either fight the wind, get into the sag or blow into a steep ditch that replaced the shoulder. I chose to "Keep on Truckin' Mama! " We climbed Frost road which I discovered had a grade between 8-14% at some places and I heard my bike groan and I told everyone the nice me left at mile 37......I started spelling curses and growled a lot...but I was able to ride the 60 and make it back in one piece!

I can tell the pilates is helping my shoulder strength...I used some of their principles and it helped me to stay stronger despite having to fight the wind on the bike! Check out the link to Body Wisdom Pilates at the side of this blog! They announced "We are part of your support team now!" And so they are!

60 Miles into the East Mountains