Don't Make Change too Complicated: Just Begin!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

An Ellie the Shark Guest Post!

The Santa Fe Snowshoe Un-race.

Some of my closest acquaintances say that I am competitive(Cece sing....,oh yes they do!). They have mentioned that I seem to enjoy playing the role of the shark. I lay in wait, lingering behind and then swim in for the kill. I feel that is a bit overstated, but that is what I have heard.(Cece adds," That is what we experience!")

This morning as I stood at the starting line with my dear friend Andrea, I experienced the usual pre-race anxiety. I saw participants in serious snowshoeing gear with long, lean bodies and my ego began to quake. Some participants I knew from the sport of triathlon and even though I am a bit competitive, I know my place and respect the ladies that are at the top of the sport in NM. They are courteous and supportive each and every time I come across them in a race and they were present for this event. 

But for this race - for the first time - I was not concerned about whom I was going to overtake. I was not focused on my pace. I did not have my Garmin or take notice of the time it took for me to tromp through the pristine woods for 3.8 miles. I ran when I wanted and walked when I felt like it. I stopped and mapped in the New Year’s beginnings and left last year’s trials and heartbreak in the melting ice. I felt enormous gratitude for my friends and family who did not abandon me and finally let ties of the past free. I sang aloud when the mood hit me and did not allow a negative thought to enter my heart.

I did not place in my age group but I came away with so much more. I am happy.
Ellie the Shark

Embrace the Change!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

When your Cat Tilts his Head and Opens his Eyes Wide..... you struggle to get into your cycling know that there is a problem.

Well, actually I knew I had a problem and purchased a larger size cycling short.  But, in trying them on and getting on the bike, the chamois was toooo thin and in the entire wrong almost under my breasts!

So, I knew I had to struggle to get into my former shorts. This is when my cat gave me the look as if to say, "OK! Now that you are struggling so hard, you can call it a day because we can call this your exercise!"

But, I had promised my trainer that I would get on the bike today,....made a commitment...after she snarled at me the other day.  I guess it took that snarl....

And so off I went.  I did not pop a spoke, or break my frame. or fall over a matter of fact, when I told my trainer I was still alive she said, "Somehow I had figured you would still be alive.  You have a habit of doing so.  Ride again tomorrow."

There's no use arguing, she always wins.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

"Today is the Day to Let Go of Things that No longer Serve You!"

Tough year this 2013.  It has been filled with lots of difficult physical challenges...and well as emotional ones.  Also some exciting new learning...studying ASL under Corina's leadership then discovering a wonderful group of people who I can talk with several times per week in sign...voice off. I have never met a bunch of people who love to laugh as much as we do together!  Also got 4 new clients who I need to keep up with my learning! 

But my biggest challenges have been physical.  I have been ill and allergic and much more...on crutches and inactive for many months...putting on weight. So this needs to change and fast. 

My new motto is "Don't make change too complicated..... just begin."

I will get on my bike and make a new beginning.

Will keep you posted.