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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Do.... or Do Not...There is No Try

As many of you know, I was in a bad car accident on Thursday night...rear ended by a hit and run driver going about 60 mph. When my insurance agent called me from my wrecked vehicle the next day, he said "I am surprised you were able to walk away from this." So my car is totalled, and I have whiplash and am having trouble holding my head up, muscle tears, but am none the worse for wear.
I continue to say "Thank you God" for all the blessings on either side of this accident and know that things are never all bad if you take the moment to look and see the giftedness that is embedded in the horror! 2 of the many wonderful things that happened is that one of my close friend's husbands..who is a cop...was the first one on the scene...the next day he loaned me his personal vehicle to use until I get new wheels. Also, I felt such an outpouring of caring from so many people. Thank you!
I am going to see if I can do a short ride on Sunday..short meaning 5-10 miles or so...just to get time in the saddle and get more info as to what I can and cannot do. I hope that I will be back on the bike this week and riding 60-70 miles next week! I will keep you posted.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cycling or Motorcycling?

Do you see the smile on this woman's face...OH
wait a minute...
that is me!
This is my first motorcycle ride...and I know why I loved it....very similar to cycling only faster and not so hard uphill!
I did not even need Hair4Helmets as my pony was flying behind me! LOL! Took an adventurous first ride into the Jemez.
The way I feel cycling out in nature was duplicated riding on a are closer to the earth and can experience it in a very sensual way vs. all closed up and contained in a car.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Name this Photo Contest

Well, what exactly do you do when someone presents their buttocks ( as we say in yoga) to you to photograph it? You take a shot! So, I am officially opening up a photo naming contest to name this pic! Just so you know...and it alleviates any questions, this is Ed's butt! You can see the rest of him in other pics on my blog. So , please email me and we can get the contest rolling!

It was a wild and crazy week for me as I met a new friend and we got caught cycling in the bosque and had to ride 9 miles in the pitch I had to deal with a lot of fear and surrender and trust a new friend...and as he said "We are team building!" I think I am going to compare everything scary to that experience !

The ride this weekend was great. I was able to pump it up and down some of the rollers in Algodones and lead a fast pace line and I felt really good on the bike and really strong. Spent some time riding with Gina and getting to know her happy spirit. She brings so much joy with her! AND THEN, I was told LeeAnne has 4 kids..well, that was from funny Christine who was having a lengthy conversation with Gina who was behind her...and Christine thought she was talking to LeeAnne! By the time I got into the conversation and asked LeeAnne about her crazyness at having 4 kids...LeeAnne was in shock...and of course it is not true because LeeAnne is only 17...oh I mean 32 either...and she does not have it was cute and funny in the San Felipe Casino..figuring out LeeAnne's family history!

It felt like we had some good team building going on and lots of support from each other and it was truly a fun and supportive ride. Spent some time talking with Tabitha and finding out we have a lot in common! That was fun!

I was saddened to hear that Courtney had a serious fall and that she seperated her shoulder. This young woman has a strong spirit and I hope and pray that she will be able to heal quickly so she can ride her century in Hawaii on this Sunday! Courtney YOU ROCK GIRL!

AND THEN ...FINALLY, I met a man who wanted me...not my bike! Our romance started (add in the happy music in your mind ) when he was hobbling across the parking lot at the gas station in must have been love at first sight...because when he saw me in the gas station...he wanted me....and the men I was with TOM>>>NICK>>>> shouted.... "Go ahead and Take her!" I think he was older than God!

Shadowland to San Felipe Pueblo