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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Ride of Silence

We met as a team to cycle in to the Ride of Silence in honor of Dave Anderson....we that are working to end cancer and find a cure ...came together to mourn another needless death.

Dave Anderson was out cycling with his wife and family on a designated bike path when a car careened off the highway and killed him. His wife was ahead of him at the time and looked back to see the crash.

As we arrived after riding to the site in silence, we immediately saw a crowd of cyclists and friends and mourners gathered at the crash site. Bike upon bike lined
the thin fence that could not have hoped to hold the car back from the cyclist. We watched the cars go by thinking what a very freak accident this was....and how easily it could happen again. Many cycling teams were present and dressed in their kits representing their
teams...a solemn show of support.....and it was good to see so many people all present to pay their regards. It was a quiet crowd...thoughtful, prayerful...mindful...cyclists who arrived on the scene during the accident were there, the police at the scene were members were there ...

When we first arrived, we were each given a beautiful flower and we all put the flowers around the ghost bike...the symbol of the life lost so needlessly. Many prayers were said....many tears were spilled...

The Ghost Bike is now a permanent memorial to Dave Anderson. His wife and daughter placed the first flowers and they and their pastor greeted the mourners. It has only been a month since their lives changed forever. Let us hope and pray that not one more cyclist is killed by a car.