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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Surrounded by Butterflies!

As Cece and Emira cycled south from Bernalillo all they could see when looking right or left were hundreds of butterflies! Emira kept noticing how many there were....they must have loved the beautiful green fields on either side of 313. Cece is getting ahead of herself though!

Emira is Cece's new friend from Bosnia. She is a PhD Candidate and is writing her dissertation when she is not dreaming big thoughts...and then Cece finds out the next day, that she has carried them out! Emira cycles all around campus and has never owned a she is used to cycling everywhere. When they met and rode together a few weeks ago, Cece invited her to join the team...and so she did much to Cece's delight. When they met yesterday to get situated for the ride today, before Cece hit the tree, she was excited to make a new beginning. Now Cece is her mentor! They are happy women...but this pic was taken before the climbs into Placitas and beyond! Emira rides a mountain bike and she has never ridden long distances, so she was very brave and stubborn undertake a ride with lots of climbing and 45 miles of road. Cece told her her strategy while hill imagine the worst pain you can remember and compare the climb to that. Some how it helps to put things into perspective.
As they cycled up,Emira kept apologizing to Cece that she was going too slow. She felt like she was holding people up. Cece decided that she would have to fine Emira...and charge her $5.00 every time she said "Sorry" and Cece could have made a fortune...but then...she thought about collecting that money and just re-depositing into Emira's Leukemia Lymphoma fundraising account...she might still do this, if the sorrys continue....she is going to keep a tab !
Emira is riding a mountain bike. It is hard to push that thing uphill and to keep up with the lighter bikes. She did a fantastic job despite all this and made it up each hill. At the top of one hill, Cece prompted Clyde to tell Emira if when Cece had started cycling ...if she could have made it up the hills that Emira had . Clyde's response, "Maybe Walking!" And that is true! So, Emira gets kudos for sticking out a hard day on her first day as a team member!

Cece met Keith and cycled with him again a bit, and he told her a funny joke, which he commanded her not to put on the it is not. Sandy is tenacious and strong and spotted this "Go Fast sign" as the perfect location for a photo op.

Cece needs to get more men in these pics. Luckily we had Clyde this week...the others were well on their way...before she could take a pic. She will work on that next week!

Now Cece is off to repair her car and her tires after the fateful tree attack at the Frontier restaurant yesterday. But that's another long story!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Meet Two Very Interesting People!

When a married man meets you at 6am , at his front door, in his bathrobe, you know it is time to take stock. What day is it? What time is it? Why is he not in spandex? Cece was unloading her bike, putting on her front tire, when Keith appeared. He was unsure if she was coming. He hurriedly got ready. His very kind wife Martha came out in her robe and kept Cece company.... and soon off they went!

Keith wanted to do some climbing and when he heard that Cece was not in a rush, grand plans started to form! They warmed their legs up before starting to climb and went by Tingley and then to the Hispanic Cultural Center and then back to warm up. Tingley is so beautiful in the early morning light!
Cece, Keith and Martha do not know each other very well. As a matter of fact, this was their first real time spent together. Keith and Cece had a bonding moment climbing Oak Flats last week when they both contemplated whether they were actually in hell, but that was the extent of their knowledge of each other! And so, as they cycled, they got to know each other a bit.

Cece always laughs when she discovers just who is that person under that cycling helmet? You never know. Later, over a wonderful breakfast of cheese, thick sliced fresh bread , yogurt and french pressed coffee....all of which Cece enjoyed tremendously, Keith handed her 8 business cards. Seriously folks! These just confirmed the enthusiastic conversation they had while cycling almost 30 miles together!

She had no idea she was cycling with the past president of the local and National Boards of the Leukemia Lymphoma Society, an Internationally known Motivational Speaker with big cooperate clients, a wine connoisseur and wine taster/master licensed corkman..... a professor of English literature, a coffee snob (Cece is too) a published author of soon to be 2 books and a travel cruise organizer for cancer survivors and wine makers. Yes, there is much more, but that is the synopsis! No grass goes under this man's .....or his wife's feet!

Meet Martha, Keith's wife! This is a woman with abundant joy! They have been married for 25 years and Cece could tell that they are a great team as they speak and organize around the world! Cece loves to hear the stories from married couples of how they met, their first date and then how it happened that they got married...and as they both told the tale, and giggled and giggled and interrupted each other's stories with more and more anecdotes, it was clear that they had that deep love that lasts and lasts. Sometimes, in Cece's opinion, a man like Keith can over power the woman, but not Martha! She runs a large EBAY business, is a Barter and Trade Broker and organizes "FunRaising" on cruise ships. Not sure how many business cards she has...but probably at least 8! She holds her own in every way. If you are interested in a wine tasting cruise or a cancer survivor cruise click the link.

Martha agreed to be a guest blogger on October 1st on The Two Whos .

The Whos have joined thousands of Women bloggers across the world to set aside October 1st to talk about cancer in women on their blogs. Martha will be the featured blogger.Check out the Army of Women and sign up to work towards fighting cancer.

And Finally, meet the most playful fun loving basset hound! Cece loves basset hounds. Cece had a wonderful morning full of excitement at meeting new friends who graciously invited her into their home. They are strangers no more!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

HDOB or I Hear that Train a Comin"

It was a hard day on the bike for Cece. They were doing a climbing route that Ellie called "Good Morning Legs!" Clyde called it, " The Afternoon Leg Burner." Cece called it "Hell in Disguise! " They should let Cece name these routes!

As they climbed yet another summit that ended in dirt at the top of a trail head in the foothills, Cece exclaimed to Sue,. "I should have worn my other jersey!" Sue said " Is it more aerodynamic?" Cece said, No it just puts into print my feelings about hill climbing!" Remember picking the petals off a daisy as a kid..."he loves me, he loves me not.....well.....she loves hills, she loves them not! NOT!
Cece is not quite sure what euphoric state she was in when she heard Johnny Cash in her ears, she knows her heart rate was way high....and she was chugging up these hills when she heard "I hear that train a comin'.....its coming down the track...." She chugged and she chugged and it was only because she is so stubborn and was cursing that she made all the climbs of the day! She had to apologize to Sue about her foul mouth and her cranky attitude. It did not seem to phase Sue who cheerfully trotted up every hill with seemingly little effort.

Here they are the happy climbers Sue and Barb! You notice there is no pic of probably would have broken the camera! Thank goodness for the great companionship on this ride. It actually made it fun!

    Johnny Cash Singing Folsom Prison  Blues......For your enjoyment!