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Sunday, November 6, 2011

When Your Eye Doctor is a Cyclist

Cece went to her annual eye exam.  When she saw the doctor, the conversation went like this:

What rides did you do this past year?

How did your training go?

Are you getting outdoors now or are you indoors on the trainer?  When will you move indoors?  You like to ride in the rain and wind?

How did you hurt your shoulder (Cece to the Dr.)

Are you still able to ride?
Can you see your cycle computer with your sunglasses on?

Are the sun glasses protecting your eyes when you look out and over at the road?

Are your eyes drying out from the wind?

As you can tell, there was a lot to discuss.... and Cece giggled at the unique pre-exam questioning! Yes, they finally got around to the computer work and the looking from the computer to the paper....and the "can you see this?" ..."which is better"  questioning...but it is nice to have a Dr. who understands your cycling passion and can help you to see as well as possible given those sometimes extreme rides!