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Saturday, August 9, 2008

San Felipe and Back!

Our Guest: An Honored Teammate

At 7 am this morning, I met our honored teammate Mr. J. O'Leary. He is a cyclist who developed lymphoma and was treated and is now cancer free. He spoke about losing 37 pounds and how it just wasted off of him and how he felt his self was wasting away too...and how horrible that was. He said this was not dieting it was wasting away...physically and emotionally.
But now, after his treatments, he is almost back to his normal weight and is back on his bike riding about 20 miles each ride...doing what he loves. He told us that when we are having a hard moment on the bike, or in our lives, that we should think of those with cancer, who are wasting away...and suffering through their chemo and it will give us a new perspective on our own suffering. He thanked us for what we are doing with the ride as a symbol to others and also for raising money for cancer research. I am not sure there was a dry eye in the house!

Lance? Are you out There?

Got my new camera and spent time yesterday fiddling with it and learning how to operate it! I am on a high learning curve as I am not a techno girl! Carb loaded with Tom and his friend at the Pasta Cafe last night. I am not used to eating carbs like this. URGH! I think I am going to turn into a carb! I am up early and getting ready for the ride today. Will take photos during the ride to San Felipe and back. We are supposed to have a surprise visitor this am...and I asked our coach if it was Lance Armstrong...bec then we would all wear lipstick! LOL...but she said that even SHE did not have the power to get Lance Armstrong to come and visit us! One of the men told us that he is cycling in CO> this weekend...well...that's not far...maybe Debbie will get on the phone?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Looking in the MIrror

By 6am on Tuesday, I was on my bike and riding in the Bosque. My new tires were soundless as I cycled through. I had my first Zen moment on the bike...being one with the bike and not even feeling the bike moving under me...just gliding along effortlessly. It had rained hard the night before and the Bosque was alive with smells of the dampened earth...that is rare to find in this desert landscape. The geese flew over head and honked their greeting and I saw much wild life including a roadrunner and the back end of a coyote...

Many people were out this am beginning their rides , walks or rollerblading. I greeted them on this new day. I realized that I see the same people each morning when I cycle early...they are in the same predictable routines...and that provides some this world that changes so quickly....that the rhythms and pulses stay the same although things around that rhythm might change!

I wish the lion in this photo were a lioness! Because that is who is inside me and that is the energy I will pull out to cycle this 109 in November!

I am hoping to get my camera any day now and hope to create a slide show of our long ride this Saturday. Tune in!

Monday, August 4, 2008

The Hills are Alive and a NYer's first time in a Feed Store!

I did not hear the sound of any music though...only me spelling the word S>>>H>>>>I>>>>T>>> over and over as I struggled up each mountainous hill! LOL. But, I will tell you that I made each hill and although it was hard, it was not impossible nor did I ever feel like I was getting off the bike to walk it up. I now have learned the strategy called "relax your body, tighten your abs...and know that you will eventually make it to the top if you have patience and keep pedalling!" that is my new mantra.

Needless to say, the climbing was intense the first 32 miles...and then we had intermittent climbing and ended up coming back into town on the down hill. Once back home, our cycling coach gathered us all together and apologized for the challenging hills which she felt were too much for us! NOW she tells us! URGH!!!!

Anyway, I felt really good about my climbing on this day! I also had a few laughs when this NYer had her first experience in a feed store. It was a stopping point after we climbed the canyon! WHEW! Walking in cleats is difficult on the best of days, but then clomping through a feed store with all those cowboys is another experience! What is a feed store any way? Well, I found out......and then ended up having to use the men's restroom to see lots of female posters hanging up....all clothed.....but had to laugh. Then bec. I am a curious girl, I waited until the women's room was empty and then looked to see if the women's room had posters up too...and sure they did! AND they were better posters of partially clothed men....I bet a woman owns that feed store!