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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Breaking News! WRW Opening Cycling studio,Muddy Buddy and Fat Cyclist!

Women Riding Well is opening the first indoor cycling studio in Albuquerque! It will be called Simpatico and will officially open on January 2, 2010. It will be located at 7103 4th Street NW. Google this address now and tighten up your cycling shoes and get ready to roll! This will be the official home of Women Riding Well. More information will follow!

I am looking forward to getting a race report from guest blogger, Stephanie Tiger. She and a few friends are at the
Muddy Buddy race in Arizona. Here is the race description! Each race features a 6-7 mile course and 5 obstacles. At the start of the race, one team member will run and one will ride the bike. At the 1st obstacle, the rider will drop the bike, complete the obstacle, and begin running. The runner will arrive, complete the obstacle, find their bike, and begin riding. Teams will continue leapfrogging each other through the entire course. At the end of the race, racers will crawl through the infamous Mud Pit crossing the finish line together!
I am hoping for some mud-luscious photos!

My favorite Bike shop,
High Desert , is having a spin class each Wednesday night. Get ready at 6pm for a start at 6:30 pm. They have space at the Paseo and Louisiana location for up to 30 people and they have not hit their max yet. If you have not been to their new location yet, you are in for a treat. Nice men....great stuff! What could be better?

We are all still holding our breath to see how the throw down with Johan Bruyneel and the Fat Cyclist Community turns out! Will keep you posted!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Pink Glove Dance

If you have not seen the Pink Glove Dance yet please click on this link. I saw the making of this video on TV when Charlie Gibson made this hospital the "Person of the Week."

The Providence St. Vincent's Medical Center in Oregon made the video to bring awareness to Breast Cancer. Each department in the hospital made a part of the video...from the custodians to the doctors to the office workers to the cooks.