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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cooking Up a PhD Dissertation: 50 Plates at a Time!

Well, you might wonder what cooking and writing a dissertation have in common. Well, we are about to find out from the Two Whos’  friend ” The Prairie Girl ” who is a cyclist, chef ,  scholar and friend.  She  just started her own blog. It is called the Prairie Dissertator .   Her goal is to defend her dissertation by May 6th 2011 and in the meanwhile cook up 50 plates of food that are new to her that she has never cooked up before!    The Whos know that cooking soothes the soul and we think our friend knows this too.  With all the stressors involved in teaching in a large university, doing field work, creating research designs and dealing with 20 somethings who know it all, the Prairie Girl  decided that she would quiet down on the prairie,  hunker down to concentrate on her dissertation  and cook and write!  What could be better?
Here is a photo of her Balkan Pie.  The Whos cannot wait to try this.  It is made with Filo dough.
Go to the Prairie Dissertator for the recipe and to learn about her fieldwork and her research.