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Saturday, May 12, 2012

It's Just Me, My Bike and the Road...on Two Wheels Spinning!

"Because I Can Try"

On the way to the race.

The first part of this post is being written the night before the race when Cece had a funny conversation with her sissy.  After Cece told Krissy about the other women in her race,  this was their conversation.  Cece burst out laughing!

Getting ready
for my time trial

My sister called
and said
in amazement….

“Hugh! It sounds
like you are
trying to win!
Are you?”

“Yes,” I said

“But why,” she asked?

"Because", I said,
“I can try !"


 The Beginning!
On one crazy day, someone at the gym told Cece about a time trail that was hosted by the 50+ Games as a qualifier into the State Championships and then the Senior Olympics that would be held  in 2013!  Without hesitation, Cece decided that she wanted to do this race.  Over the months of training and up to the race, she has been thinking about why she so readily and exuberantly wanted to race this race.  She realized one day before the race that it was because of Cadel Evans!  She had watched him race his time trial in the Tour de France and watched his focus and determination.   She ended up cheering and shouting for him as she watched on her computer.... and  then crying over his win....and she knew that day... that some where deep inside her,...she had wanted to feel this same focus, grit and determination ...of doing something so hard....that she had to haul herself over that wall.

And so, Cece paid her fee and was in the race.  Cece is not a racer.  Recently , an acquaintance she has not even met yet asked her, "So,  are you built to race?"   Cece said no she was not. And no she is not,.

Here are some pics of the course taken the day she met Vickie at the Enchanted  Trails RV park.    The race starts uphill (of course)
 then some .false flats and some rollers.

2 mile hill with 4% grade...zoom 30-35  mph then....

 make a quick slow down  before the cattle guard  and go around  the cones

Pull a U Turn and start climbing up that same  hill you just zoomed down!  Oh Joy!

Almost to the top of this hill, when Cece's  heart rate is over threshold...she sees the sign....."Do NOT Pass"    She would if she even could...but this is her signal to pull out all the stops she has left and amp it up as best as she crest the hill picking up momentum!   She knows that most will take a break here, but she cannot.  She needs to push it where she can and pick up time and speed!

Another 3.6 miles over some rollers and flats and she is at the finish line.

Race Report:    Cece arrived at 7:30am  as scheduled for her bike inspection and packet pick up.  She did not get ready because  her race would not go off until after 10am.  She enjoyed talking to people and taking pictures.

Below is a picture of a man named Larry (on the right) who is 92 years old.  His races were remarkable because they were just as fast as the men in the age 50 category...ok maybe just  a BIT slower but NOT much!  He is Mr. Fast on 2 Wheels.  They even gave him 92 as his race number.  He is a remarkable man!

And below you will see Bob.  He is the man Cece called for support and to ask questions.  When he gave Cece her third place medal he said, "And now the woman I had so much contact with I could not wait to meet her.  She told me and I quote.  This Latin woman does not like to climb uphill"  Cece and everyone there laughed.  Well, it is true!
When Cece was at the starting gate, Bob counted her down as she focused on what she had to do.  30 seconds he said.  Cece clipped in. " 5,4,3,2,1 Go Cece, Go, " He said!    What a nice happy and fun loving person Bob is.  Cece's friend Mike also came to the starting line with her and he was a comfort even though she did not speak to him....he was right there supporting!

Also supporting were Stephanie and Ellie the Shark.  Both of these athlete women have injuries and both are chomping at the bit to get back in the prime shape they want to be in.  No doubt in Cece's mind that they are on the rapid  downhill road to recovery.....probably holding pinwheels and shouting  weeeee.....we, we .we,   .weeeee!

And then there was Char, Cece's trainer who pushes her beyond belief but is the kick butt person who has helped make Cece so much stronger in her legs.... rehabbing her injuries and taking no nonsense from her! No pic to be had...but that reminds Cece she must take one of her.

And so to Cece's race.
As mentioned earlier, she came in third place as she expected she would given that she knew the other women and their skill levels.  But for Cece, she was happy that she had some moments of glory on her ride this day.  

Remember the DO NOT PASS sign?  Well she did pass someone going uphill.  A miracle has occurred and she is glorying in it!  As Cece passed she lingered a bit and told the woman she was doing great.  But the woman did not like that comment evidently because she said, "Well I can't be doing so great since you are passing me"  Point taken.

Then after the horrible hill she starting amping it up and she passed another person. She was in her drops and going over 20mph to try to make up some time.  She  looked at her cycling computer.  She knew it was just about 3 more miles and she pressed on.  Round and round the legs went. Over threshold breathing a given.  Come on...come on....come on.....she told herself.  And finally she crossed the finish line to the cheers of friends and acquaintances!  It was a good feeling to finish and to have accomplished the goal she  set out for herself,  To try her give all she could give...and she did that.  So the day was a success!

Now it is more training, more weight loss and on to the State Championship in Las Cruces in July....then perhaps the Sr. Olympics ( in ABQ you need to be 50 or older to e considered a Sr. citizen!)  in Ohio in 2013?  Who knows.  Nothing is impossible!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Enchanted Trails RV Park and Trading Post to Host 50+ Games Cycling Time Trials

Cece is on her second day of complete rest.  She does not do "rest" very well.  She was getting itchy and needed to do something besides stare at the she decided to take an adventure out to Enchanted Trails RV Park and Trading Post.  This is the  site of her time trial on Saturday.  She had been past there before , but had never stopped in. 

Once there, she was greeted by a marvelous Scottish terrier named Winston and a host of happy and
friendly people.
 On historic Route 66.

She met Vickie Ashcraft the owner who had a happy disposition and did not mind answering Cece's multiple questions about the RV park and whether they had bathrooms. Of course they did!   She told Cece where the finish line would be and  how the tables and registration booths would be set up.  Cece has never been in an RV and was very curious about what an RV park is.  You would think she came from MARS, but only really from New York where she had never had that experience!  She had much to learn.
The casita part of the park housed many rooms that provided for necessities and for entertainment.  She noticed that they had many vintage things!  Here are a few!

A women in the trading post told Cece they were on 9 mile hill and Cece's eyes got as big as flying saucers!  Her first thought?  Was her route still on the 9 mile hill?  She had climbed that before...but she could not remember the details....probably she was in a coma at the time!   The woman got out a map and highlighted 9 mile hill and told her that really they were at the end of it!  WHEW!  She was gonna climb enough hills on Saturday she did not need to climb that infamous hill  too!

In the back by the RV park, she had several vintage motor homes.
 More than anything, the people she met there were friendly and willing to talk and answer any of Cece's
 questions.  She asked a man she met at the park about the Balloon Fiesta and he said that even though it is in October, they are almost booked up with just a few spots remaining.  Cece understood why...everyone was happy and friendly!  Cece is looking forward to Saturday and is glad it is being hosted by the Enchanted Trails RV Park and Trading Post! 
A Wonderful Route 66 Adventure!  

Update on Loss of Bag of Sugar!

OK. So .   When Cece got on the scale this am, she was happy to see that she has lost 3 pounds of the 5  to make that bag of sugar.... that she will symbolically leave at the bottom of that horrible hill on the time trial route!

Then she started to think....hmmmmm...she had planned to take her under seat bag off...because she did not need that added weight either.  So, she took off her bag...and put it on her scale...and voila!  It is just about 1 1/2 pounds.  

In her tweaked out mind...she has now lost 4.5 of the 5 she wanted to loose.  Is she cheating Yes!  She sure is...but desperate times call for desperate measures!

Her next thought...get another tube on her back wheel...take the slime out.  We will see.

She will keep you posted!   

Monday, May 7, 2012

Getting Rid of a Bag of Sugar!

If Cece remembers correctly, a bag of sugar is 5 pounds!  Imagine carrying this bag of sugar uphill in a race.  URGH!  This is the new short term goal.  To get rid of this 5 pounds by race day..not by any drastic means...but just by keeping on what she is already doing.
There is no  more time to mess around and eat this or that not on her plan.  She must be vigilant.  Each pound she carries is to her disadvantage.

She has been training hard and having a sufferfest.... training over her threshold heart rate...because during the race it is going to go and stay there.  The antibiotics are doing their magic and she feels great and has been functioning normally...except for the work outs.

Today is a recovery spin day and Tuesday is a loose day or arms only at the gym.  Then complete rest and days off from work...don't laugh....where she plans to paint her toe nails to match her jersey...not that anyone will see that...but just to pamper herself for a short moment! 
Ahhhhh!  To be pampered!