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Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Ride That Wasn't!

Cece and her friend Stephanie had been watching the wind and the weather all week.  They had planned to ride  the time trial route and wanted to make sure they picked a good day...given the strong winds lately!  Also, this route was out in the boonies and on a barren stretch near a truck stop in the scrub on the outskirts of the city.

It was Sunday and the weather looked good.  They would meet at 3pm and drive out to the location.  Once out there, Stephanie did not feel comfortable where Cece wanted to park because she is more of a rule follower than Cece is.  She had another parking idea and Cece went with Steph's better judgement. 

They  got to the barren abandoned gas station and parked.  There was nothing.  Cece had to pee.  She considered herself lucky that her first cycling coach Debbie had taught her the trick of "being able to pee any where at any time." And so she did...she quickly peed and she was off to get her bike ready.

And so began the ride that wasn't. Stephanie commented, "Look at that bag over there...there is a dead animal in it."  We could see fur coming out of the bag and we both got the chills.  Cece tried to pump up her back tire and the valve would not hold.  All the air leaked out through the valve.  When Cece examined it , she told Stephanie, I think I have a malfunctioning valve and stem and before she knew it, it came off right in her hand.  Great.

Put the bike upside down....try not to get too greasy...take the rear wheel off....tire out....comment on how fast some of their friends could change a flat....question how long has it been since she  changed a tire?  Seems like years!  But off they came.  Soon, a new tube was being placed and as they pumped it up , again the valve and stem broke right off. Cece is sure she uttered a curse!

Stephanie said, " This is an omen.  Let's not ride today."  Between 2 malfunctions and an animal in a bag....  they looked at each other knowing that they were going to ride in the virtual wilderness and into no where's land.  They agreed. No ride for today.

Stephanie said, "Let's go to Annapurna and get a chai tea!"  Cece agreed that it would be nice to recover there.  Off they went. As they arrived, they realized  that Annapurna was closed.  See the bad juju still in effect?  Cece suggested that  Stephanie come to her place and have a chai tea.  They agreed  and finally they began to have a pleasant afternoon...catching up and talking about all sorts of topics.....