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Monday, January 27, 2014

Celiac Support Group and Fat Cyclist Throw Down

The Fat Cyclist started a recent blog post saying he got fat again!  Well so have I!    He has given himself a grace period until march 1st to loose as much weight as he can and then he will announce how much he weighs!

 Well, I am not going to do that, but I am working hard to begin to loose the weight I have put on as a result of the debilitating effects of celiac disease and how it has effected my mobility....thus not really able to exercise much due to all the edema, swelling and pain...and honestly laziness mixed in...and the poor" me"s!  (In ASl there is a wonderful sign for poor me!)   

I went to my first Celiac Support Group on Saturday and was initially almost on the verge of tears on the way there. But, once there I get a lot of wonderful support! On the way there though, I wondered why  they have to have a pot luck when I cannot eat anything they would have?  I was pretty angry...and again "poor me."  But once there, I was told the reason is to show you that you can eat lots of delicious and nutritious foods that are free of gluten. I am on a high learning curse...and when a woman told me that my lipstick and toothpaste might have gluten in it...I think my sucking of teeth, eye roll and spitting of nails almost hit the ceiling!

Anyway,i am getting on my bike in a moment and will cycle away my angst over my regression and work to turn it into something positive!