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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

All The Above

Last week, I was given this song....more like an anthem...a theme song.....and since then this song has been under my skin.  It is in my head, it is in my mind when I turn over while I am is there when I do not know it is there...only for me to discover it there and wonder "how did this song get under my skin like this?"

So, in turn I am giving this song to  you.

Do not listen to this song and say "I'm not gangsta"  Do not listen to it and say, "I've never been to prison."  Do not listen to it and say, "I don't have tats."  Do not listen to it and say "I have no Higher Power."  Do not listen to it and say, "  I hate Rap."  

Listen to it and ask yourself the question, "What is MY prison?  What is the prison that I live in?"  Maybe it's the prison of low self-esteem...the prison of a bad relationship,the prison of giving yourself away to others and having no time for yourself....or maybe it's the prison of poverty or hunger.... the prison of alcoholism or drug addiction...or perhaps it is the prison of always playing it safe and never taking a risk...or perhaps it is the prison of people pleasing....or perhaps the prison is mental illness..or an eating disorder...or...    or.....     or...... ask yourself..."What is my prison?"

Then listen to the words. .......Listen to the music....

.....And let it empower you.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

All Women's Time Trial Sponsored by the Spokettes!

The town of Algodones was the host of the All Women's Time Trial sponsored by the Spokettes.  In all, 89 women raced with ages from 9 -60 +years old.
 In a time trial you race against yourself to get the fastest time possible along a given route.  This route was 10 miles long and included rollers, a hill on the back side and I heard,  some devilish head winds.  The women came in all shapes and sizes.  Their bikes did to...from bikes with disk back wheels to one with tassels on the handle bards, a bell and a basket (that was the 9 year old's bike). Some women warmed up on trainers and some warmed up along the route.

We all laughed when we used the port a pottys.  Only at a women's event would you see this!
At a women's event you can be sure to make friends.  Stephanie and I met a woman from Norway.  Her name was Sissel Trondseth.  Here she is with Stephanie. Last I heard they were planning a triathlon in Norway and Stephanie made another note on her bucket list!  I am sure that Sissel did well!  She was on a very new bike and s aid she really liked how it rode.
And also we met Sandy Knudson.  She was recovering from a surgery and had not been competitive in a while.  She gave me lots of hope as I saw her zoom across the finish line with her aero wheel whizzing!  AND she had a very fast time.  She got her mojo back for sure!
 Sandy warming u p!       
Stephanie was very pleased with her race!  Congrats!  

And finally here is what a 60 year old Masters cyclist racer looks like!  This is Olga Sanchez (number 546)!  I could only get the back side or her...but her time was among the fastest racers in all age groups! I want to grow and and be Olga!  I better hurry up and recover!  It will only be a few years before I am back in Olga's category again!  
It was a very fun day with beautiful weather and lots of happy women on their bikes.  What could be better?