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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cycling Rhythms

If you cycle, you will know that there are familiar rhythms to it. There are rituals and routines and things to prepare for... things to gather, hair to fix, tires to pump...IDs and medical cards to gather...water bottles to prepare...clothes, shoes and socks...all must match...we are all divas you know...male and female!

I was reunited with all these rhythms today as I took my first ride outdoors post-surgery. It was a very sentimental rhythm for me today. One that I appreciated and sort of bathed in...even the drive to the bosque was meaningful. Once on the path I felt the familiar headwind...that really should not have been there according to the weather...I felt the silence that was so full of miniatures sounds...rustling leaves, honking geese, the river, lapping down , stomping horses, cattle, dogs galloping with their masters who are rollerblading....and the multitude of cyclists who I wondered...were they all playing "hooky" with me on this beautiful and warm day in Albuquerque?
This was a test test the shoulder. It was so nice to finally be moving on my bike...rather than attached to my trainer ...the wind on my face...the smells...all made me know that I was finally home...with the freedom of my bike. I took pics and tested the newly designed shoulder...yes I could hold on just fine !I reached for the water bottle with either arm. Still doing well. Standing up cycling...doing well! Took pics and held on just fine! All is well. I sauntered on... Absorbing the road shock and feeling the movement to create balance. All is well. At last!
I always sprint the last mile and as I threw it into the big chain ring and went fast..heart rate in zone 4...I thought WOW..a new beginning...12 miles down only 78 more to Go! I will be in Moab in September for the Skinny Tire Century as planned and as a matter of recovery is right on track! HURRAY....and thank you to my wonderful surgeon / cyclist Dr. Pachelli, my PT Char and my deep tissue massage therapist Stephanie! It takes a village!