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Thursday, October 16, 2008

To Do! The Clouds are Clearing

I am back into the "To Do" phase at last! I got the go ahead from my chiropractor and my physical therapist to try a 5 mile ride on Saturday! BUT , only 5 miles and if that goes well to do another 5 on Tuesday. Also was given the go ahead to get back to the gym and slowly begin to amp up my cardio...starting with 5 minutes on each of 3 different pieces of equipment...incl. my " beloved" stairmaster! LOL so, I am elated that I can get back to the business at hand..including getting back on my nutritional plan. I have been told that cycling is still going to aggravate my condition...and it will increase the swelling that I already have in the shoulder/rota tor cuff and neck, but they all think my body will be able to take the increased strain at this to give it a try. I am also continuing my rehab and doing ice massages, restorative yoga and a multitude of PT exercises to alleviate the pain and strengthen the damaged muscles...also the deep tissue massage for the whiplash! So, as my PT said...all this time I am spending at rehab will pay off in the long run. When she was having me do faux push ups today and I reminded her that It was not long ago that I was doing inverted push ups on a bosu...she looked at me and said "It will come back." that is my hope...for patience and rehab these injuries.