Don't Make Change too Complicated: Just Begin!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Beginnings

I am finally back in business and back on track and it feels sooooo good! I am eating clean and have lost 6 pounds and have gotten good news from the PT and kineseo taper that they are seeing improvement. I am getting stronger at last! This accident has been extremely debilitating . I am finally beginning to lift again...although what used to be 80 pounds is now 5. BUT!!!!! I will take it. Inch by Inch it is a cinch! Patience has never been my strongest suit, and that is what I am being taught least one of the things.

I have been cycling indoors and out....indoors using the Spinervals work outs..."The Uphill Grind" and will start Tom Hendrick's spin class beginning this Thurs . night. Will try to take some pics.

I will start training with Team in Training again beginning Feb. 7th and am very excited about that! Next up is another Triathlon April 12th then the century in Lake Tahoe called America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride. Keep posted! More news to come!