Don't Make Change too Complicated: Just Begin!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

20 Extra Pounds does not want to Hill Climb

The first TNT ride of the new season caught me by surprise! It was a short 12 mile ride to the Jemez Dam. The night before I had 4 hours sleep , did not hydrate well and thought the ride would be an easy flat 12 miles and nothing to plan much for! Was I mistaken! This was a hilly 4.5% grade that switched back and forth up and down these mesa hills and they caught me! I could not get up a few and then I got mad at myself. All last season, I got up every hill...even if very slowly! This was my wake up call!

I have put on 20 pounds since the inactivity and anger of the accident and how it derailled my plans to cycle the century in Tucson. This 20 extra pounds does not want to hill climb! Just envision carrying 20 extra pounds in your camel back! URGH. It does not want to go up, up, up!

So, my wake up call is to get consistent on my food plan and report to you here as to how I am doing. Hope I do not bore you...but I need to be accountable. I am being accountable to my mentor in TNT also...but this is more public! I will let you know each week how my weight is doing.

See below for pics from the ride and then further below for Tom's killer spin class pics at Concrette Systems warehouse!