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Monday, April 27, 2009

The Adventure to Oakflats

It was very important for me to make it to this little cafe at the top of a long and
grueling mountain climb. The owner is the daughter of a woman who passed away as a result of cancer and I am cycling in her honor.....her name is Geraldine O'Brien.

Once at the top I met Geraldine's daughter and told her I was back and I had not forgotten her mom....I was still working at the ride and planning on riding in her mom's honor.

Meanwhile, I was in a lot of shoulder pain and continued on with the ride through Gonzales road and past Gina's house...only to have to quit because my shoulders could not hold me on the bike any more. After 4,000 feet of climbing and more than 3 hours of up.......I gave up and surrendered to the fact that I could go no further in the condition I was in.

Luckily, the A+ boyfriend Paul was our SAG and he took me in.

I saw the surgeon this morning 4/27 and he thinks I may have some nerve stuff going on and I have to have a nerve test on Wednesday. He will give me a shot of cortisone a week before the ride thinking I will have the best chance at the 100 if he gives the shot on this time line. From his lips to God's ears as we Italians say!