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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride 1 Week Away

I am counting down now to the bike ride! It has been a year of blood sweat and tears...a few weeks ago, I rode 88 miles, but it was mostly flat. I have continued to have serious problems with my shoulder from the accident and I am going to do my best on the ride and I am shooting for the 100...but it may not be possible. I did get a shot of cortisone today and the surgeon thinks this will help. So, say a few prayers!

I got my shirt back today and am very pleased with "the wall of honor" See Below for the detail
and close ups on these names that I am cycling in honor of.

It is getting to be an emotional time for me...a year's worth of build up...all those names are individuals to me who I love or are loved by friends....I know all their stories...some have passed on and some are still fighting....

Everyone on the team is feeling this upcoming momentous event in their own ways. We are tight and together...and that is so important. We have recently had a moment that brought us all even closer...and it has created a deeper bond between us and also began to forge a new friendship! What could be better?

In a week or so...I will put up a slide show from the Century. You will see me in this Jersey...but I will not wear it until then. It is for this special occasion only!
Thank you all for your tremendous has come in many to me as one of my rehab teams, bike supporters, training partners, people who believe that I can indeed do this....even my surgeon told me today..."I think riding is good for your shoulder...even though it are working the muscles vs letting them go lax...when the seasons over and you are resting, your shoulder will heal!" We both laughed. I will hold onto that. Much better advice than sitting on the couch eating potato chips and watching TV and getting fatter! LOL. "And so it goes" my dad says!