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Sunday, December 13, 2009

How Do you Lose Weight in an Italian Family? Arthur Avenue Revisited!

I am sure that many of you saw my "cookie expose" recently where I was going to implant a Navy Seal into my home to restrain me from making cookies. Well, believe it or not, I got a reply from that post saying that this new friend was trained by an expert in the "Secret Navy Seal Cookie Maneuver"..... so .....he thought he could qualify to restrain me both pre and post cookie making. LOL. I had a good laugh at that! He was very clever!

But none of us really suspected that my sissy was the one that needed the NAVY SEAL...because just 2 weeks before my birthday rolled around (it is today), I was told by my sissy, that a package was coming and it had cookies in it! She read my blog...but what good Italian girl would not want a cookie, she reasoned!

So, I waited and waited for this package to be delivered to my work place.....called my nutritionist frantically shouting "Cookies are Coming! Cookies are Coming!" and quickly developed a plan to deal with them once they arrived.

But they did not arrive. Day after day I waited....but no cookies. My birthday was approaching and still no cookies! I kept asking at my office if they had arrived, and I even saw a big suspicious box, but alas, it was not mine. On Thursday, I called the office again and low and behold, they had opened the suspicious box and it WAS mine...only now my name had morphed in Lucietta Navalle....a good Italian girl!..finally..... this was my box!

I opened it up and inside....I favorites......taralli's! A wonderful spicy pretzel like "cookie" that are addictive...everyone says they are and I have had the ultimate taralli eating addictive experience...I cannot stop eating them. They came from Little Italy.... a wonderful Italian deli on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx called Teitel Brothers.

So now I was faced with a dilemma. It was Thursday afternoon and almost 5pm. Would I take the taralli's home and eat them (2 bags) or would I eat a few and share the rest? I decided the latter as my emergency plan.

I started handing them out in my office. The social worker told me I looked like a priest. He was probably in a euphoric state created by eating too many taralli's! Joel said I was holding the taralli up and saying "" He was rolling on the floor telling me I was acting like a priest handing out communion! It was a religious experience giving away my taralli's!

Needless to say there was more in the box..huge olives , provolone cheese, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, aborio rice, porcini mushrooms and more.
Well, I decided that I would invite a few friends over to share the wealth! I am making a wonderful Italian meal to enjoy with them. Abondanza!