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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Silly Yoga?

I have met a very nice woman in my new yoga class. I do not think, that at this moment, she quite knows what to do with me! She tilted her head after class and told me "I never laughed in yoga until you came along!" Thus, silly yoga was born!

I think that sometimes, in yoga we just end up laughing at ourselves, because we try so hard...when the goal is not to try so hard....but just to breathe and ease into in...but those times, when it does not ease in....are the times, I seem to have a battle with my body and try to muscle it and end up laughing at the hilarity of that!

Take the other day. We were into a pose similar to happy baby..only on the left side we were to straighten our leg. My leg would not straighten ...tight cycling hamstrings...and I started to roll around on the mat. I tried to "make" it happen, but the leg just would not stretch! This got me giggling. Then my new friend started to giggle and I think I heard my yoga teacher giggle too!

OH! Silly yoga! What a joy!