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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Does Strawberry Shortcake Soothe the Soul?

Cece hosted the after ride party on the 3rd to celebrate Yun's birthday. We put some time between ride and party so that people could go home and change. But when Yun arrived at Cece's they settled in to talk and lost track of time. So, finally Cece said, "Yun ! You are in charge! Hold the fort while I hop in the shower!"A few minutes later, when Cece emerged, there was a house full of guests and most of them were in her kitchen cooking up a storm. She was sure she had the United Nations in her kitchen cooking up various specialty foods! What fun! Happy Chaos! Many had arrived already.

Cece got a phone call from Amanda needing directions. When she arrived, she was badly bruised with swelling and abrasions all over her body....but she had on a huge smile. This woman was happy! How did she get those bruises? She recounted how she took 2 bad falls during the ride. Cece made her a strawberry shortcake first, to soothe her soul....and then started to nurse her wounds with her special ice pack made out of rubbing alcohol and water....slush that is very cold and will bend around the body parts. She nursed her hip and elbow , back and other body parts and sat and talked and continued her happy project for several contented hours. She took the ice pack home to continue the project. Stephanie was able to join us in between patients and she looked radiant in her bright orange top ! Everyone was happy. cooking and eating and planning the next party!

Cece and Christine spent the morning riding together. Christine was worried about her knee as she has an injury that is painful. They have been friends for about 2 1/2 years now and have ridden literally hundreds of miles together. Cece knows what it is to ride with an injury that you are nervous about. It was a pleaseure to ride together again this day. Christine left the after ride to nurse a friend who had hip surgery. Cece asked her "Are you going to ice your knee ?" Christine replied, First I am going to ice Jan's hip and then I will ice my knee. " The wounded healers!

Here is the birthday girl on the right with our friend Gwen. Below is Emmy posing after a long night nursing her research in.....cement adhesiveness......does this girl know about cement...or is it concrete?

Warren made some delicious Moroccan chicken salad (this is what Cece calls it)
and she wondered how a 24 year old man learned to cook like this? Diane, Ron and Catherine livened up the party! And then there was Tom who informed us all that his birthday is on July 31st. Think he wants a party?

And finally, Eleanor the Shark. Guess what she asked Cece as she was leaving the party? She asked, "Cece when you plan our hill climbing route for you plan on killing me?" Cece threw her heard back laughing!