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Saturday, August 28, 2010

3 Weeks and Counting!

Cece saw the team off this am and pumped up Yun's tires (this woman thinks that tires do not need pumping!).  Everyone said that they wish Cece would pump their tires up too!  Then, she sent off the team  with well wishes.

She came home and looked at her calendar!  Only 3 more weeks until her vacation to Moab to ride the Moab Century Tour!  Wow!  It has come upon  her very quickly!  She is going with a few friends and they will ride the rolling 73 miles course.    Here are some beautiful pics of what she has in store for her ride!  The pic below is called the Stairway to  Heaven and Cece hopes it is not on her ride profile!  LOL. 
Jeff at High Desert is going to give Cece a list and locations of some of his favorite haunts in Moab..  She hopes they will include some spots for great music!  Knowing Jeff, the blues artist, they will.  Lots of pics and funny stories will be coming you way in a few the meanwhile, the training keeps happening! 
Also, stay tuned for a ride report from Stephanie.  She has just completed her 35 mile uphill race to the sun in Hawaii.  There was 10,000 feet of elevation gain and she made it with grace...although she may tell it another way!  We will see!  Stay tuned...probably on The Two Whos.