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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

HDOB or I Hear that Train a Comin"

It was a hard day on the bike for Cece. They were doing a climbing route that Ellie called "Good Morning Legs!" Clyde called it, " The Afternoon Leg Burner." Cece called it "Hell in Disguise! " They should let Cece name these routes!

As they climbed yet another summit that ended in dirt at the top of a trail head in the foothills, Cece exclaimed to Sue,. "I should have worn my other jersey!" Sue said " Is it more aerodynamic?" Cece said, No it just puts into print my feelings about hill climbing!" Remember picking the petals off a daisy as a kid..."he loves me, he loves me not.....well.....she loves hills, she loves them not! NOT!
Cece is not quite sure what euphoric state she was in when she heard Johnny Cash in her ears, she knows her heart rate was way high....and she was chugging up these hills when she heard "I hear that train a comin'.....its coming down the track...." She chugged and she chugged and it was only because she is so stubborn and was cursing that she made all the climbs of the day! She had to apologize to Sue about her foul mouth and her cranky attitude. It did not seem to phase Sue who cheerfully trotted up every hill with seemingly little effort.

Here they are the happy climbers Sue and Barb! You notice there is no pic of probably would have broken the camera! Thank goodness for the great companionship on this ride. It actually made it fun!

    Johnny Cash Singing Folsom Prison  Blues......For your enjoyment!