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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Despite meeting a Roadrunner and Two Prince Charmings, Cece still Has a Bad Day on The Bike.....but it could have been worse!

Cece had been off the bike for 8 full days...the last time she did that , she had shoulder surgery!  But she was trying to play it smart.  She was fighting off a sinus infection and it was winning and she had pulled a back muscle in yoga. Do not laugh.  You should COME  to my  yoga class!  She was making sure her health would be fine for the Moab Century Ride!    Anyway,. she digresses......

When she started off her legs were stiff and she wondered if she remembered how to pedal.....and about 6 miles down the road, she stopped as a roadrunner crossed her path.  Roadrunners are blessings.  So, she took a moment to accept it.  Later she wondered, after 2 rear flats and a rear blow out, how the upcoming events were blessings...but she remembered that it was at that moment, that she felt her rear the roadrunner crossing!  What she felt was not good.  Her tire was low...very low and 6 miles ago she had just put in 120 psi.  She was going to ride longer, but not now.  NOW she turned around to go home.

 Not 1/2 mile later....she  had a true flat tire.  She questioned every passing cyclist as to whether they had a CO2 cartridge or a pump .  Nope,nope nope.  Cece herself had CO2 cartridges, and a spare tire, but the cartridges did not match her adapter...she must have grabbed the wrong cartridges!

But never fail.  Prince Charming No 1 came to the rescue.   Cece regrets not taking his pic but she was worried about riding home.  .Check out the Lycra on him though! The prince  stopped to ask if Cece was OK.  She explained the situation.  Did he have CO2 or a pump?.  Nope, but he lives about a mile away and he could fix it there.  Cece looked at him.  OK  Good energy. Cece rode and chit chatted with Prince Charming whose name was Wyatt.  He works at Intel.  Once at his house in the North Valley in a gated community, she discovered he was married with kids and had  two dachshunds.    He pumped Cece up and off she went back the way she came. 

Once again in about a 1/2 mile Cece had another flat.  This time she knew she had to walk.  The tire was just not holding air.  She contemplated the 6 mile walk cleats.... URGH.  She looked the opposite direction and realized she could call a  friend and she could pick her up easily.  But as she looked back, she saw prince Charming No 2! "Hey what's wrong Chica?"  AH the call of the prince!  It turns out this  prince's name was Limo and he rides on the High Desert racing team.  He just took charge and took the rear wheel off , put in a new tube and pumped it up  as fast as lightening.Cece has no idea how she shot video!  : ) 
Anyway. with Limo's help, she was able to get back to the open space where she had parked her car.  Just as she did, she had a full blow out.  Luckily she was just about off her bike when that happened!  Where did Limo go?  In a trail of dust he was off to ride Tram and then out and back to Algodones.  Have fun, Cece wished him a great climb up Tramway!  OH!  How Cece just love, love, loves that hill! 

So, it was a bad day on the bike, but Cece met many nice people and good things happened.

Guess where Cece will be going first thing in the morning?  To her bike shop....