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Monday, September 6, 2010

Wind, Wind...and Yes....Even More Wind!

Women Riding Well went up to Santa Fe this morning to do part of the 50 mile leg of the SF century Tour ride.  We rode south on 14 and then took a left and ended up in Galisteo.  On the way up and back in the car there was much hearty laughter, but on the actual ride there was only heavy breathing and the occasional curse uttered from Cece's lips.    The wind was  ferocious!  We had a 20 mph headwind that practically stopped us dead in our tracks.  It was very difficult riding against this wind.  The wind was compounded by an extremely hilly course and there were  non ending climbs.  You would finally get to the top, only to find out it was not the top but the beginning of another climb.  Cece kept comparing her suffering to "the yoga leg". The 20 mile return trip was entirely uphill and really took its toll on us.  We were mostly going 6-7 mph into a head wind... and uphill... and on the rare occasion when we got to 10mph, Diane gave us a shout out in amazement! The picture below was taken at the turn around point.  We found a water pump and were able to get some fresh cold water....the only to be had for many miles.
Before we got to Galisteo, we got stopped at a train crossing.  the gate came down and the lights flashed....and flashed...and flashed.  A string of bicyclists were waiting and soon the cars started lining to wait for the train to pass.  We looked right and then left and still no train.  We waited and waited.  People got out of their cars.  There was a corner we could not see around....Cece almost started to sing Johnny Cash again.....but thought better of it...and finally a woman from a car walked and stood in the middle of the tracks and told us to just cross....there was only  a phantom train...meaning no train coming.  All the cars then went through the lowered train gate too.
There was lots of beauty to be seen on this ride and Cece felt she was in a small town in Europe when they cycled through the twists and turn into Galisteo.  There were fields of sunflowers lining the road and the smell of juniper wafted through the wind. 
We were all so exhausted from this ride, that we were counting down the miles to the end of the  ride.We were so happy to cycle in to the railrunner station where we had left our vehicles!  We had a wonderful day with lots of great companionship and fun.  We meet a new member..from New Jersey...and shared many good stories and laughs!