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Saturday, October 16, 2010

104.2 miles...........WHAT? 100 was not enough?

This is Sue our fearless support vehicle driver and alumni from Team in Training for the Lake Tahoe season. Cece met Sue when Cece was support vehicle (SAG) this past spring for the Santa Fe Century.  Between them, they have many stories to tell!!!! Sue, as you can tell, has lots of energy and joy and she promised us that she would meet us on the dirt in Placitas with much fan fare and we make it up that hill! Cece would also like a mariachi band! Well, you never can might appear!

Anyway......after that, the climbing is over and it is either downhill or flat the rest of the way...with the exception of a few rollers out Algonones way on the frontage road.

As Cece was looking at the route map last night, she discovered that the 100 mile ride was really 104.2 miles. " What? 100 was not long enough?" she said in her strongest New York accent? Oh well. She has been in for the duration..It turns out that the actual route was 114.2 miles!  The organizers just cut the mileage back down we will see what the actual mileage will end up being!)

But today, she had a choice.... and it was too she sat this one out. It was a taper ride of 25 miles. She will ride tomorrow in the middle of the day when it is nice and warm...vs the 42 degrees it was at 7am this morning....with a breeze! None the less, she met the team and all bundled up, she took pictures and then met them for breakfast afterwards. There are a few people missing from the photo including Cece and Ellie the Shark who were taking the team photos.

Pre-ride,Kelsey and her mom Cindy and Ed were foolin' around. After the ride, we all went to The Flying Star, Corrales for breakfast and they were kind enough to seat us all together under their patio outdoors without blinking and eye!

It was great to see Betty again! We had not seen her in a while and she is so fun to be with! AND it was Cylde's birthday today...and yes we did sing to him...even though there were 5 different keys! HEY! We can cycle...not sing! And that Keith....he dared not tell me any jokes for fear they would be copyrighted on the bog.... or so he said! .LOL!

Clark and "Queen Victoria" joined us and we warned Vickie that she best stop her queenly waving while she cycles... as that is how she had her terrible crash! Her eye has recovered and she did show us all her scars and bruises that are still very evident even after a full month! Two hands on the handle bars, Queenie!

 Cece had to really work to get Tabitha to smile today.  But when she asked why she was sad, she found out her mom had a cancerous tumor taken out of her leg.  They are waiting for results.  Cece remembers her mom so fondly...92 with a renegade swatch of purple dyed into her bangs!  They met in Lake Tahoe.  Tabitha, we will all keep your mom in our thoughts and  prayers...she is a part of our team too!