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Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Day of the Tread

The Day of the Tread was a fantastic event! There were over 900 registered riders who rode various ride lengths from 12-100 miles! There was music and dancing at every turn and wonderful rest stops with sopapillas and bloody finger cookies and lots of laughs and meet ups with old friends! When I first arrived , I saw a parking lot full of friends from Team in Training and got lots of hugs .

Thanks to Catherine for riding with me! It was nice to get to know you a bit more. I like to ride and get to know someone. It is great fun!

This is one of my old friends...laid back and enjoying his recline on the back of a tandem. I heard this guy kicked butt going up Tramway know this is my absolute fav-or-ite hill! LOL How can he smile going up that hill? How can my friend Stephanie smile climbing up that hill...oh well, maybe one day I will learn how.

Women Riding Well did this as a club ride. We got together on several days and painted our jerseys as a deck of cards! We had lots of fun doing this together!

Here we all are pre-ride. I am not sure if you can see that we are all the Queen of Hearts and we are wearing a crown with a heart in it on our helmets.
Here are the backs of our shirts that we painted. Each woman's shirt was unique and painted according to her own style!

Here is me with my tiara! Barbara helped me hitch it up and helped me to get it to stay upright on my helmet. Thanks Barb!

And this is my friend Stephanie who is just a man magnet when she is wearing ears! I just think men like a women in ears! LOL....she went as a white tiger.

And here is the man who just about stole the show during the ride. Can you see that he has adapted his bike to hold an IV drip bag and a urine bag? Not only that but....or shall I say BUTT.....he was flashing us all throughout the ride.....and afterwards we made him show us how he did it. He got a fake butt and pantyhose.......and the rest shall be left to the imagination!
Nice Legs! See slide show below for more pics and costumes.