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Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentine Gift to Myself

Being single, you have to get creative on Valentines day. There are no boyfriends, lovers , chocolates or roses although there were some cards and phone calls with wishes for a happy day.  So, a single girl needs to think outside the box...what to do on Valentines Day?  

Cece decided to be creative and  gift herself with a day off and a ride outdoors on her bike with her friend Ellie the Shark. Cece had been watching the Weather Underground and chose a picture perfect day and time to take the ride.

At  10am she looked up at the cloud cover and shivered and wondered if the Weather Underground's forecast would be correct or not...but  by about noon, as they had  predicted, the sky was crystal clear with  not a cloud in the sky, warming temps and about a 5 mph wind!  Ideal cycling weather as far as Cece was concerned!
It is amazing when you get back into the rhythms that you are used to...the packing of your gear, the carrying it all in one trip with your bike down  20 steep steps...then loading the bike on the car....then unloading everything and outfitting your bike..pumping up your tires...all the familiar preparations.....that seems to effortlessly play  themselves out once again....

Ellie was waiting and off they went!  This was Cece's first ride outdoors since November so they decided to take an easy 18 mile ride with only one not so terribly bad hill. She remembered from last year, that being on the road and on a trainer were two different animals.  She was prepared for her shoulders to be tired from maneuvering and balancing and they certainly were!

It was so wonderful to be riding the road...smelling the earth and having the wind in your face, the sun beating down its warmth on your body.....she and Ellie greeted many cyclists out and about on this beautiful,  dare  she say,  SPRING day in February! 

What a wonderful ride on a beautiful day. The perfect gift to the self.